6H30 DR tubes

Hi are these the best way to go in my pre amp.thanks
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What preamp do you have?

Every piece of gear that I have owned, that used 6H30 tubes, sounded discernibly better with the "DR" version.

Just my opinion, but I think it's worth it. Might depend upon the specific piece of gear though.
Everything system dependent but they worked miracles in my ref 3. Best of Luck
I used '83 Dr's in a CJ Act 2 in '09 these are my thoughts from then.

"I like them much better!!!! The sound is fuller with the effect of being smoother from top to bottom but not slower.
Better dynamics and extension as you observed.
More precise imaging within a wider and deeper sound stage, singers or lead instruments moved slightly in front of the speaker plane, before they were slightly behind speaker plane.

Agree the results are system, component dependent !!! Roll the dice !!!!!