6ES8 / ECC189 tubes — 6DJ8 / 6922 / ECC188 substitute

Hi there. I found a matched quad of RCA 6ES8 tubes in a box that isn't labeled but should say: "Things I have no idea why I'm keeping." They have original boxes.

Tube god Roger Modjewski suggests they're one of the ubiquitous 6DJ8 types. See here: http://www.tubeaudiostore.com/suitof6dfora.html

The tubes have seen little use, if any. If you're a crazy tube-roller in the US, and you want to toss me $7 for Priority Mail shipping, I'll happily send them to you. I make no warranty as to their quality, and no pretense that I know whether they'll a) work in your equipment, b) won't work in your equipment, c) have entirely lost their vacuum, or d) will fry your $40,000 amp to a pitiful pile of ashes. In return you agree that you won't sell them to somebody else (you have to give them away if you decide you don't want them), and that you assume all risk for whatever they might actually do.

First come, first served. Do NOT reply to this thread if you want them; I'm not checking this every hour. Send me a direct message, please, or email bravermanp at Google's common email service. I'll reply to the thread once they're gone.