6DJ8/ECC-88 Equivalents?

After being sucessfully inoculated for tubeitis for a number of years - I'm afraid I have succumbed yet again to the lure of the glow. The two products I am working with right now are the ADC B-100 pre-amp and a Counterpoint SA-20. Fortunatly both use 6DJ8/ECC-88 tubes. I hear rumors of various mil spec - sheilded grid , etc. wunderfl-wndrfl tubes that are safe direct replacements for these tubes.
Question - does anyone know of a site with a comprehensive list of the various subs for the 6DJ8/ECC-88 tube?
Joe's Tube Lore...

In terms of tube designations, you're looking at 6DJ8, 6922, 7308, ECC88, E88CC, CCa. Also maybe 623Ps from Russia. Also try http://www.machmat.com/sales. In terms of sonic character of the various brands, Joe's tube lore has the goods on his very well researched opinions.