6922 tube

I have a Cayin CD17 Mark1, takes 2 6922 unbalanced (which i run in) and 2 balanced(which i never will use), So I hada   tube flipping business that went sour = lost $$$$,,anyway,, started buying all sorts, A-Z 6922/6dj8,7dg8, ecc88, cc88, etc etc, 188's, 288's, etc etc, I;'ve heard nearly every variety/lab of this variant. 
= all sounded nearly identical..
Now maby in your Acoustic reserach a  6922 can be diciphered from others,,but in my cayin CD17, all sound nearly identical. 
So I figured, <<must be the circuitry = not so sensitive as per tube typology>> , long story short,, one of the 288's, were bad, amperex, like $125 each,,so a  friend lent me a  pair of russian military Gold Aero,,,pulg them in,,, wow, my system went sour., after all my countless mods, with super high tech parts, were made ~~null and VOID~~~,,all over a  pair of 6922 russian Gold Aero military tubes,, He says they are actually not 6922;'s, but,, can't recall the specific name of this tube. 
But its far and away from a  true musical 6922. 
While every other Tele, Siemens, vavlo (both Red print and White) Philips RCA , GE etc etc ETCCCCC,,all sound nearly exact..
~~~~~Bottom line~~~ Do not waste your money buying the Tele 6922 pair froma  german seller for $1500, nor others selling any /all variety of 6922 for over say,,,$20 each,m, Yep you heard me right,, You should  never ever pay more than $20 for any 6922 type tube.
All those countless $50-$1500 and maybe even $2500 fora  pair of  NOS 6922 is pure 100$ snakeoil.
Now a  AX and a  AU, now here we do indeed hear minisclue differences, which make me a fan of Tele and only the Tele. a  Tele offers in my system superior resolution.. Not by much,, but as i've said countless times in all my threads,, a  nunace here, a  miniscule there, a  tweak here, a upgrade there = all adds up to a  superior  sound.
a  6922= 6dj8 = 7dj8, ecc88, =cc88 = 188 =288,,However my tech guy who lent me the russian non muiscal 6922, said this player is best using any 6922, except the 288... has a  dif heater value. 
So do not waste your money thinking a  over $50 pair of 6922's will improve your sound. 
A Tele 6922 is not superior to any 6922(preferable USA/EU) ever made.(just make sure its not chinese= I do not like chinese pretubes>>> nor russian military),,I have a quad of EH's comming in 1 week,, that is one 6922 I've not heard,,will report ASAP. 
rant over.
Snakeoil buster here,
,strikes again..

Here you can actually see the sovtek 6922 which i mention in the OP,
Although I appreciate 
a friend lending me a   pair, this tube is anti-music, completely destroys the beauty of the Cayin Cd17 Mark1
go to 1:12 to see this most putrid sounding 6922.
It was made for miltary machines, not audio.
Just got in a  pair of Tele PCC88
swaped out the EH6922
NIce gain, has more sheen on the music. 
So yes I now see there are going to be sonic difs in various 6922's. Sorry for all the confusion in my earlier posts, = 
I am a believer
Have you switched the resistors to Takman yet?
Yes The Takman's REY are everything <<and more>> that takman claims about the perf of their resistors. 
Not the Rex carbon, which are too smooth for my system. has to be Metal = Rey's. 
Richard only swaped out 2 pairs so far,,results= can hear distinctly every word Elvis Costello sings in his Burt Bacharach collection,,,instrments are not articulated,,, open airy,,,have many more to swap out.
Vid just uploaded 10 minutes ago
take a  listen
EH although is a bit extended on the top end, but sounds a bit flat on the midrange.  I like the Bugle Boys which have a palpable midrange, but also very balance from top to bottom.