6922 tube selection

Time to retube the C-J pre amp and amp. Looking at Genalex Gold Lion tubes at $46.00 each vs Electro Harmonix at $26.00 each. Need a total of 7 tubes. (4 for pre amp and 3 for amp). Any reason to spend the extra money on the Gold Lions? And, any need to spend the extra $5.00 per tube for matching? Thanks for the feedback!
I'm trying to 3D print vacuum tubes and the 6922 is at the top of my list.  I'm trying to figure out how to 3D print the actual vacuum. 
I tried purchasing some 6h23-eb type 3 tubes from Upscale, their site said to call for that tube because they would only sell them to those with preamps that are tough on tubes like Audible Illusions and my pre, a c-j Classic 2.....    four phone calls, no return calls and an email auto reply from Kevin that he was away.....Instead  of putting me on hold their secretary just said their salesman were "busy with customers" after I told her it was my fourth attempt at ordering from them......Total bullshit.....  I was kind of pissed because I had used that tube before and I really wanted to get a couple before they were gone.   On principle I will never order from them again

Really disappointing as I had purchased speakers from them a while back and the service was good..... I ended up driving from the MA / RI border to Audio Visual Therapy in Nashua NH..... they have a decent selection of tubes in stock. I ended up getting a Gold Lion 6922 and picked up a matched quad of KT66 while there.  Great tubes, great guys to deal with.   
The question is, how do you want to change the sound? Amprex 7308 will open the top and add detail. Telefunkens will make the sound warmer and the midrange really rich. I have Amprex and Philips for my ET 5. Used Amprex in my LP 70. EAT makes a great tube also. Would be most happy to go over all this with you.  You can also consider KT 88s for your power tubes. Send Jeff at CJ an email and he can give you some more detail.