6922 to 12AU7 conversion?

Over the years, I've accumulated a healthy stash of NOS 12AU7's for my preamp.  Some of which I really enjoy. Recently, I've been considering a different preamp.   Some that have caught my interest use the 6922.   Is it possible for a professional modder to convert a preamp from 6922 to 12AU7?  Is it a big deal?  I'm not concerned about the re-sale value.  Thx.
Absolutely,the heater pin out is different and so is the voltage,or you could try these adapters.



Thx for the info.   It looks like a very simple solution.
Still wondering.  Is the following possible?

Can a tech modify the preamp circuitry to include a toggle switch that would switch between bifurcated circuits leading to/from the same 9 pin tube sockets? In other words, this would be like a railroad track switch where one track would be dedicated to 6922 tubes. The other track would be dedicated to12AU7 tubes. This design would open up a huge menu of tube possibilities. Also, it’s probably better than using cheap tube socket adapters. Is it possible? Is it necessary to have the schematics? Would it be expensive?