6922 Sovtek Variances ???

The earlier 6922 Sovteks look exactly like a Svetlana 6H23P-EB, I have both in my hands and they are identical, right down to the O getter halo. The newer Sovteks are not similar at all, they have a totally different getter halo? What gives? Can anyone shed some light on these findings?

Sorry my mistake they look exactly like the Reflektor 6H23P-EB.
One of the Sovtek 6922 variences I'm aware of is about 15yrs ago, they were still made with grey plates.
IMHO old Sovteks and old 6h23's not only look alike they sounded alike in my ARC SP10II, and I think they were made by the same company and just have different designations. I really couldn't pick up a difference tonally or clarity wise. Compared to later Sovteks I thought they had more body and the new(er) ones were very 'cool'. I used them in non-critical locations and they were fine. Not my favorite tube but if you need a 'rugged tube' the old Sovtek/6h23 is excellent.
Who would have thought five years ago that one day we would be comparing various versions of Sovtek tubes and figuring out which one sounds better.....

Just a random observation, as I had also realized that I have two types of Sovtek 6922s in my tube box. The newer ones have a saucer as the getter (w/ shiny plates) vs a ring (and grey plates) you find in older Sovteks.

Frank exactly like you described, except I don't see shiny plates?
The new electro harmonix 6922 regular pin is also like the late model Sovteks,
I can't see the difference at all.
I suggest you try and save all thoes old Sovteks, one day they will be the hard to find, costley, much sought after, N.O.S............of the next generation. Ha
At last, a grrreat use for those old Sovteks. I can save them for future resale. Who'd a thunk! At last a perfect solution. Are used pulls going to be valuable too? :-)
Look at the trend. These Sovteks will one day be worth over $100 each! I have these Russian 6H23N-EB tubes that I bought of eBay many years ago for cheap. Now they are called "Premium NOS Russian military tubes".

"Plates" is that lower 1/3 section of the tube structure. Kind of look like a rib cage.