6922's Replaced......It was time.

Well, I took the good advice from you, the good members of Audiogon. Purchased 7 Gold Lion 6922's from Upscale Audio; platinum grade, matched, and burned in. Replaced the tubes this evening in my CJ Premier 17ls and LP66s. I am very pleased with the results. Thanks for the advise and help on my previous post!
In my humble opinion it's important to provide feedback to questions, either positive or negative.
Hi Quincy

Glad you like them. I thought they were one of the better/best current production 6922 tubes. They are not inexpensive when compared to most current production 6922 tubes but certainly more affordable than most NOS tubes.

Could you describe what you liked with the new 6922s.
i have a PR 16-2 that might benefit from some new tubes
as well. Thnx

It was mostly an improvement in the midrange and highs.  More detailed and unveiled.  Not a huge improvement, but noticeable.  

They (signal tubes) seem to slowly lose their ability to accurately replicate the full frequency spectrum of human hearing.  In my opinion loss occurs from the high end down.  

BTW...I treated myself to a matched, burned in, quad of 6550's for Xmas....Installed and biased them.  No real improvement was noticed after several days listening.  Not a bad thing.  It tells me the older power tubes are still in good condition and can be used as backup as necessary.  

If you have ~2-3 thousand hours on your 6922's it may be time for some fresh ones. 

I am glad you got the right tubes for you preamp.  The question of how many hours of use you can put on small signal tubes before replacement in your experience of 2 to 3,000 hours is important as this information is not that easy to come by.

The number will differ from one application to another and from one tube type to another e.g. a 12AX7 in a vintage integrated vs a 6SN7 in a current production free standing pre amp. Every bit of info we get is useful and valuable.  Thanks again 

Thanks for your input on the Gold Lions
it is always good to know which current production tubes  sound good

I know too many Audio Research owners that feel reluctant to use anything but the stock tubes. Although do so with caution

I paid handsomely (reasonably handsomely)for a stock of Amerex Bugle Boy nos 6922s and only from a reliable source. There is a lot of stuff sold as NOS that are used or would be rejected from those who sell tubes for a living.  Having a sorce of good modern tubes is great

My local electronics wizard found me two quad sets of early 70s Genelec 6550 gold lions in his private stash.  They took my amp to fabulous new levels, worth every pretty penny.