6922/6n1p sub with a 6cg7

Hello all,

So I recently acquired a JAS Audio Array 2.1, and have subbed the EH6922's with very poor results (Arching on startup) AMperex 6dj8, Tesla e88cc, Philips 6dj8, and a Japanese version. Yes even the E88CC's arched

There doesn't seem to be allot of good information out there about subbing in a 6CG7 for a 6922/6N1P, however...

I've read the EH6922 is more of a 6n1p, which got me to thinking
A)That's one beefy 6922


B) what will work if a euro made 6922/E88CC doesn't cut it.

Will A 6CG7 be an appropriate sub for a 6N1P?
6922 can be substituted with a 6N23P. The 6N1P has a plate resistance that is almost three times that of a 6922. You would most likely need to decrease the resistance of your cathode resistor to get optimum performance.

Also be aware that both the 6n1P and the 6CG7 require twice the heater current as the 6922. The 6CG7 will work but you would need to check your voltages and look at the tube data sheets to see if your running at a good operating point. Also the 6cg7 has a lower mu. So gain will be less.