6922, 6CG7 or 6H1n which one sounds best? Repost

Reposted due to tube number error (cut and paste issue)

OK, OK before the flames start flying....I do realize that these tubes are not precisely exact matches (large difference in filament current and other items) however they can plug and play as long as your preamp can handle the extra filament current. I also realize that because of the differences that the equipment they go into will make a difference in sound...however, there are some general characteristics of certain tubes that seem to hold true (in general).

That's what I'm asking...in general which tube do you think sounds best and why? For the sake of arguement the preamp in question is a Copland CTA 301 Mk II.

What would you use?

The answer is that the tube that the preamp is optimized for is the one that will sound the best (lowest distortion- smoothest sound with greatest detail).

The best sounding of tube of the list is the 6CG7 which is essentially a 6SN7 in a 9-pin miniature package. But its of no consequence if the preamp is designed for a different tube.