65pf9uk vs. 65px600u

I can get an OK deal on this 9uk model, but I don't know much about the professional series. Is the display exactly the same? I don't need any speakers, as I'll be using it as a monitor and connecting it to the audio system. I assume I'll have to buy some boards. How many will I need? I need to connect an hdtv satellite receiver, probably by hdmi (this is the best video connection, right?), my theta carmen dvd player outputs by component video, and the home theatre processor outputs component video. All my other video sources go through the home theatre processor. Will this tv work, and is the picture quality the same as the muhc more expensive 600u? Thanks. -Dave
The 9uk model comes with a component input board. You will have to buy a HDMI board for your satelite input. Should run around $150.00. Yes HDMI is the best video connection as it is an all digital signal path. The picture quality theoretically be better as the 9uk has some service menu tweeks the 600u doesn't have. However, the service menu should not be accessed unless you really know what you are doing. The reason the 600u is more expensive is that it has some things that the 9uk doesn't. The 9uk doesnt' have built in OTA tuners, a dedicated computer input, or built in speakers.
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