6550 tube question

I posted this on AA, but as with most imporant (to me) questions, I like getting a "bifocal" view.

I'm going to buy a spare set of power tubes for my 120 Magnums.
I've been doing loads of research, and it seems this Svet 6550c is what I want, based on this criteria:
- We listen to mostly Cuban and Rock. This music combination requires a lot of speed and energy, but still a lot of smoothness and detail.

My understanding from the many excellent post I've read here, is that these tubes are just the ticked. They are powerful and fast, with no glaring weaknesses.

Please respond if I am right, wrong, or just plain silly.


PS. system listed here:
You need to be calling Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio in Placentia California(I think). He's the Tube King, and knows all.
..and no, I'm not him.
Good luck
The reigning Tube King is still Andy Bowman at Vintage Tubes Services (616-454-3467 www.vintagetubeservices.com). Call the other "so called" tube gurus FIRST and then call Andy who will debunk the myths, lies, and ignorance that abound at other places. And forget about Kevin Deal! Currently, his premium NOS tubes are limited to customers who buy tube equipment from him! Also, don't forget the most important tubes, the line level and driver tubes. These will have a much greater effect on sonic improvement than your power output tubes. Happy Tunes!
i just retubed my sonic frontier sfm 160's with svet 6650's. they produced a very balanced neutral sound. for reference, in these amps the svet kt88' sound some what brighter and the sovtek kt88's some what rolled off and closed in. in a different amp the svet 6550's were a bit up front for my tastes. hope you can find some one with your rogues for reference. these are quality new production tubes, no doubt.
The Rogues have EH 6550's in them right now.