6550/kt88 or el-34 tube?

I have Tyler Linbrook Signiture 2 speakers. I want to try a tube amplifier. Which tube is better suited for my speakers? I appriciate an input. something around $1,000.00 new/used.
Speaker sensitivity?
Room VOLUME in cubic feet?
Preferred listening level, ie, LOUD, medium, 'not high at all', etc.?
What are you using now and does it run out of power..clip?
The speaker sensitivity 89db. Impedence 8 ohm. 13x19x8(2000cft). Listening level - low to moderate. Mostly classical and jazz. I have a sansui receiver 100w on loan. Sony scd-c222es cd player. It is too bright for my taste. I like to set up a nice system with my new speakers.
6550s and KT88s are normally interchangeable, and on some amps such as the Cary V12i, all three you mention are interchangeable. So depending on you choice of amplifier, you may be able to run any of the three.

The most melodic of the three that I have heard was the EL34 run in triode mode (in a V12i) in a push-pull configuration. The most dynamic and detailed I have heard is a 6550 run wired in tetrode mode in a single ended amplifier.

I make reference to the amplifier configurations as I believe that has probably a greater influence on the sound than the actual vacuum tube you choose. Besides, there is a world of difference in sound between a cheap production and good NOS example of the same tube.

In your price range youÂ’d probably do better looking at the used market for either EL34 or 6550/KT88 push-pull amplifier to drive your speakers. There are a number of Chinese made amplifiers (ASL/Jolida) that are very competent.

typically: el-34 is warmer / less power/bass. My favorite output tube.
The speakers are 3 way and have 8 inch woofers. I think I go with 6550/kt88. I have just read reviews on Tube Audio Design TAD 60. I like an integrated amp and everybody seems to use this amp with a preamp. I think this can be used as an integrated and I like what I have read. There are too many choices. It's like being in a candy store and I can pick just one. Thank you for your inputs.