[email protected] is enough for Dyna Contour 1.1?

Anyone can suggest whether I can use a [email protected] integrated amplifier to drive Dyna Contour 1.1?
I'd sure want more, especially if the integrated amp isn't made by Krell or the likes. Dynaudios are fabulous, IMO, but they like their juice.
What is the sensitivity of the Speakers.
I have Totem Ones with 5" Dynaudio drivers and they definitly respond to higher power. You might get good results with your amp, but a powerful high current amp will make them sing. 1.1s are 85db with a potentially difficult 4ohm load. Kthomas is correct, give them some juice!
if your room is big, 60 watts just won't do it with the 1.1's. I'm using a Plinius 8150i (150w) and its just enough. I mean enough. It could use some more if the amp had more juice. These speakers are really power hungry! Among the speakers I've owned in years, these are among the most power hungry. They sound hard when there's not enough juice!