60s-70s Japanese Pressings Rolling Stones, Mayall,

I recently got a stack of 1960s and 1970s LPs pressed in Japan. Rolling Stones, Donovan, Canned Heat, john Mayall, etc.

I can't find any information on these obscure records. All are packaged in very thin, plastic-lined sleeves . I cleaned, then listened to Donavan's "Sunshine Superman," and thought the quality was very high.

Anyone know a source for information about Japanese Pressings of rock and roll / pop music from the 1970s?

Thanks in advance for your input.
you have a killer score there
japanese were always audiophiles and used virgin vinyl

I bought a lot of records in the late 70's early 80's from japanese

when us prices were $5-7 japanese pressing went for $15-20

let me know if you want to part with any

go to ebay, lp section - sort on japanes or obi
and you will find a lot of stuff

again nice score
They may be Taiwanese...Not entirely sure they are Japanese. I'm wondering if they are some kind of pirated LPs. Some of the labels have misspellings on them. For instance, the John Mayall album, The Blues Alone, has a normal looking cover, but the label on the vinyl says, Tohn Magall The Blnes Alone.


Any chance these are pirated copies that a GI bought overseas and brought home from Vietnam . Too bad I can't post pix here.
Try asking over on the Vinyl Asylum at AA. You can upload pics with your post over there too.
I have purchased some lps with very thin jackets made in China, but the quality has not been up to expectations.
one of the best place to shop vintage japanese vinyl...obiland.com
if what you get is a genuine Japanese pressings,than you are one lucky devil............