$600 cd player with balanced output

I just purchased a parasound halo amp and pre amp. I would like to utilize the balanced inputs, but my cd player is a musical fidelity A3. The only outputs are single ended. Does anyone know of a 600 dollar cd player with balanced outputs that can compete with the A3? Thanks.
As I recall, the Adcom CD-750 player has balanced outs. It is a great sounding CD player that can be found for about $700. Haven't seen one as low as $600, but you could try.
Try and check out classe cdp .3 and .5 (older version). The .5 has better review. Both has hdcd decode and balance out. Good luck.
I agree on the Classe CDP .5. I have the older version (solid black or silver) and feel it is a great player. I have see them in the range of$600-$700.
Used Rotel RCD-990 or RCD-991. For +/- $200 the Cambridge Audio CD-6 (or the DacMagic DAC for +/- $125).
You could use a transformer, of course another set of cables would be needed. Check these out http://www.space-tech-lab.com/BALTXPage.htm

Used Classe or Theta have good balanced designs and are a step above several units listed above. IMHO