$600 budget, upgrage amp, cd or speakers? HELP

Hi everyone, current setup is an arcam A65+ integrated, a pair of axiom m22ti's, an axiom 8 inch 125 watt sub, and a simple toshiba sd-3800 cd/dvd player.

I'm currently trying to decide what is the best upgrade route to go, the axiom speakers are rated at 93 db sens, and can play fairly loud and somewhat clear with the 40 watt arcam, but I'm looking to get a little bit more UMPHH, especially when watching movies or fast paced techno/dance music.

I also understand I could be getting a bit more out of setup as I think my amp/pre-amp is a little bit more high-end than the speakers and could stand to use an upgrade, something more full range.

Or would the cd player help out my system, I tend to play mostly mp3's though, so keep that in mind.
thanks very much!
Normally, I would suggest spending the money on a good dedicated CD player, but as long as you primarily play MP3's ... the system sound can only go so far. If MP3's are going to remain your primary source for now, you may want to save your cash for now and possibly revamp your system in a major way in the future.

Regards, Rich
First, I would suggest ripping your CD's to your computer's hard drive and using your computer as a transport -- I bet it would beat the sound of your current CD/DVD player. Next, the easiest upgrade is to rip your music to the hard drive uncompressed -- this will sound way better than MP3. For about $175, you can get something like an M-Audio Audiophile USB DAC, which will
allow you to bypass the soundcard in your computer, take the music out of
your computer in digital, feed it to your Arcam, which should have a much better DAC than either your DVD player or your computer. With the other $425, I would suggest a better sub-woofer because it sounds like movies are a high priority and if you want more oomph -- that's where I would look to get it. I would recommend looking for something used here on A'Gon -- you'll get more for your money.