60 WPC sufficient power?

Currently running a Adcom GFA 535II (60WPC) to power my Monitor Audio S8's...will I notice a audible improvement if I upgrade to a higher power amplifier? Thanks

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The question should be, is there a better 60 watt amp for my speakers out there? 60 watts is plenty period. A BEL 50 watt amp will blow the speakers apart without breaking a sweat. So will many other amps with high current. Also amps under the 100 watt range will almost allways sound better than the same co's higher output amps simply because lower watt amps are easier to make with less parts(output devices) daisy chained together to get more power. If you find yourself needing more than this 60-75 watt range, something is for sure wrong with either the speaker selection or mabe you live in a barn size house.