60 WPC sufficient power?

Currently running a Adcom GFA 535II (60WPC) to power my Monitor Audio S8's...will I notice a audible improvement if I upgrade to a higher power amplifier? Thanks

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Well, I have found that dynamic range and unfiltered amplification are more important than pure power. How else can one explain the musical performance of a Creek amp or single ended amplifiers! Massive wattage is not always the best; it may be the loud but not musical or 3-D.

Many high wattage amps have groups of transistors or tubes in parallel and push/pull pairs. The recombined signals have hashes in the electronic signal. These present themselves as white noise or bright spikes. The need to filter these high frequency spikes can cause losses of real nuance in the music.

So, are you the type to listen to jets taking off in the soundtrack of a movie like "Top Gun" or someone who try to listen for the bell ringing tone that exist in all live performance of a cymbal strike in a Jazz concert?