6 ohm speakers for peachtree nova

i have just learned that gainclones like the peachtree nova sound good with speakers going down to a 4 ohm minimum and very good with 6 ohm minimums. (nominal impedance 8 ohm)
For speakers with 93db or more the decco 2 should be sufficient.

PMC GB1i transmissionlinespeakers come to my mind (min 6ohm, 87db) - only for small rooms - but they do deliver outstanding rythm and timing. ( FB1i ... 7ohm minimum 90db but less microdynamics, pace & rythm)

What else ? (2.0 or 2.1/2.2)

please chime in and continue the list
At the recent CES they were using Era Design speakers (4's and 5's) with the Peachtree stuff. I don't think either is nearly as efficient as you are mentionin, but could be wrong. I have been impressed with the sound of the Era speakers vs their cost, and if Peachtree is using them to show off their gear they may be worth looking at. I did not get to hear the pairing at CES as they were swapping stuff around when I was in that room.
era's may be good speakers, i do not know, but the reason they peachtree had era speakers with the nova was that those are their speakers.
i read that at that the CES demo the Nova was just acting as a DAC/pre and that another amp was driving the Era speakers.