6 new Totem Hawks vs a used Wilson system?

I think I have an interesting item for discussion. I am building a multipurpose, 2-ch audio and 6.1 home theater system. I also like the idea of being able to listen to 5 channel audio but this is not critical for the decision making process. I have spent the last 6 months auditioning dozens of speakers and I have it narrowed down to 2 manufacturers. I have really fallen in love with the Totem Hawk. I like some of the other Totems, but I have auditioned the Hawk 3 times, in 3 rooms, with three sets of components and loved them each time. I had not originally considered Wilson’s as they are out of my price point. I casually listened to a pair of W/Ps once or twice while I was waiting for the other rooms to be set up for the auditions. I liked them but I did not use my source material or listen to them very critically. I know they are considered to be some of the best speakers, period.

In this process, I have become familiar with various online used gear communities, and now I see that buying used Wilson gear brings them into my price range. I like the idea of having matching speakers around the theater room. I could go with smaller totem speakers (Lynk or Rainmaker) and save some money, however, I lose similar amount of space and I lose coolness of having 6 matched speakers. This is a dedicated room so I can place whatever I want wherever I want (within reason).

6 new Totem Hawks = ~$8000-9000.
Used W/P 8 or Sofia II + 3 watch surrounds + watch center (or third W/P or Sophia II) = ~$12-14,000.

So for a bit more $, I can buy what most people would say is a significantly better speaker. Of course I need to audition for myself to determine if I subjectively like the Wilson’s.

Up for debate is whether buying the “better” Wilsons will make my system sound better or worse due to the rest of my equipment being of a lower caliber than the Wilsons. Will the resolving ability of the Wilsons highlight inadequacies in the rest of my system, or is buying a better speaker…buying a better speaker…and will be an improvement.
Hello Jason. I had similar decisions to make about 10 years ago. I opted for 6 new Quad ESL's. The most important variable is how you like to listen to your rear (surround) speakers.

My preamp allows me to listen to 2-channel stereo through all 6 speakers. My rear speakers run at VERY low volume, imperceptibly low from the listening position; but turn them off, and the music sounds artificial and disembodied. The idea is that the rear speakers should mimic the resonance of the hall, not be an equal source.

If you have a like philosophy, then the rear speakers are less important, I don't say unimportant, but less important. For example, I am using superior but not superb monoblocks for the rear speakers. The superb amps are in front, where they really count.

My suggestion would be to take a really close look at the Wilson, using your own sources. Make sure you listen to vinyl too. Make sure that the Wilsons are the right speaker for YOUR ears - every ear has a slightly different response, and it really doesn't matter what some reviewers think. Just like a 100 point wine, tasting elegantly of oriental spice - if you hate oriental spice, its the wrong product for you. At any price.
If you end up buying the Wilson's, there may be a good chance you end up with some new electronics pretty soon...
I'm sure there are lower priced electronics with which the Wilsons will sound very good, but is it worth $14,000 to buy speakers and not be able to fully appreciate and hear what they can do?
Well, J, I don't think that there is anything wrong with having an obvious upgrade path. An upgrade can be done at any time, at leisure. Why not buy it once, and buy it right?
Agree. If it's part of an upgrade path, then yes, if you love them absolutely buy them.
Thanks for all of the input folks. I ended up deciding to put a stake in the ground and ordered the Hawks. I think the extra $$$ will be better used (at this point) for cabling, phono, room treatments, and seating. Once I get the entire room set up and tuned, I can start shopping for upgrades (if I feel the need).
I recently added GIK room treatment and it's one of the best things that I have ever done. Do yourself a favor and add room treatment as soon as funds allow!