6 meters of balanced is ok to use with euphoria???

dear sirs, I've bough an used Sonic Euphoria totally balanced version.I need 6 meters of cable xlr to join my pass 250 power amp. Too much lenght? I've all cardas neutral reference rca/xlr. Is it a good cable to use with euphoria?thanks
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No problem especially with balanced cable, single ended it is getting long but also probably OK.
You will have signal loss.
The 22 kohm Zin of the X250 may be a problem. Talk to Sonic Euphoria....
I've got 3M XLR out of my TVC with no problem but I also have 4.2V out of the CDP and passive-friendly amps. The Cardas cables are about 40 pF/ft, correct me if I'm wrong, which is neither high or low capacitance. Something like Nordost Blue Heaven cables are low capacitance but are too revealing for some tastes.
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