6 homepods mini v.s. 1 beryllium tweeter

Well, these cost roughly the same, but who will win 🤠?

As someone who has a friend who works on the homepod engineering team (and who also happens to own very high end speakers) I had to post this not supposed to be trolling, but more of starting a real discussion on today's announcement (checked and no discussion yet) and Apple’s ongoing investment and seemingly increased capability in engineering new audio products in a small form factor + A.I. voodoos.

I won’t be surprised if Apple have a perhaps some significant advantage in software / DSP development and was able to produce sound engineering at drastically lower cost than traditional DSP speaker makers due to the unit of economics at scale. Given my two home pods have exceed all my expectations in sound quality (given a few friend of mine preferred 2 homepods over the KEF LS50 when visiting my apartments), I’m looking forward to hearing anyone’s speculation on these $99 new homepods..
I haven’t heard the original HomePod, but I have heard several Sonos speakers. Their Trueplay does a good job of correcting for the room, the speakers placement, etc. With that in mind, I’m sure that Apple’s “computational sound” improves the SQ. But how much, and in what way?

Regardless, I would be more likely to buy one if there was a version without Siri.
ain't buying in.
Apple makes cp's, not speakers.
= garbage,,
however they will sell, its the new thing now to chase <<the latest/the new flavor> 
Man, homepods beating out LS50’s?  Well I suppose thats one way to sort out the audiophiles.