6.1 receiver

Am looking to buy a "cheap" 6.1 receiver. I don't really know a lot about HT systems, was more heavily into hi end stereo in the 70s. Right now I am using an old Sony 5.1. Speakers are fronts, Cerwin Vega DX (4 ohm), rear Advent Legacy, center AR 11 (does mixing impeidence hurt anything). And an Energy sub (probably don't need it, was using it with my Energy "Take 2s" before. I am using old CRT TV (don't want HD yet) so can use a lot of inputs on receiver, I have 3 VCRs, DVD, Laserdisc, CD player and multiple game systems to hook up. What would be something around $200 I could use? I can get discounts on a lot of items so don't be afraid to mention a higher priced reciever. Almost bought a Pioneer VSXD814K for $199 yesterday. To be honest HT confuses me, so many options, many probably not needed. I miss the old stereo only days, of course having to buy the latest and greatest (within my budget) kept me pretty busy in the 70s, 80s.

Oh if there are any good sites to compared HT receivers a link would be nice too. I tried Consumer Reports but info seems outdated.


I don't know about the Pioneer VSXD814K, but I can tell you that the Pioneer VSX-1014TK is a SCREAMINGLY good deal in an HT receiver. I own one and paid about $350 for it. I've owned other "high-end" HT receiver in the past costing up to $2800. I don't miss them at all. Also, the auto-setup feature of the Pioneer called MCACC is excellent for the "HT challenged". Simply place the included microphone in the center/primary listening position and select setup. The Pio will do it all for you including setting the speaker distance, output and EQ for each speaker. It can even determine if you have a sub installed, 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 speaker setup, etc.

I would hardily suggest the Pioneer VSX-1014TK or the newer VSX-1015TK. They are great values. If you have access to discounts, the newer 1015 might be a better deal since the 1014 is discontinued.


"I would hardily suggest the Pioneer VSX-1014TK or the newer VSX-1015TK. They are great values. If you have access to discounts, the newer 1015 might be a better deal since the 1014 is discontinued."

Thank you :) I was actually looking at the 1014TK, seems can get deal around $250/$275 now. Probably worth the extra $50-75 over the 814K. Have not checked the 1015, will take a look, maybe that is why 1014 is available so cheap now :)
Oops, the $250-275 was for refurb, new are $310-350 (and up). Might just go for one if I can get around the $300 price, will go listen to them. Thanks again for answer!!
Do any of these receivers have 3 or more component video inputs?

Or low level outputs in order to use with powered monitors or external amps?

If so, I too will rush right out and buy one.

I think the Pioneer VSX-1014TK and 1015TK only have 2 component video inputs and one component video output. They do upscale everything to component, so you could use s-video from one of your less critical video sources and still have it go to the TV via component video. This is the way I'm using mine. I have component, s-video and composite cables going from video sources to the receiver, but only a single component video cable between the Pioneer receiver and my Panasonic Plasma TV.

The Pioneers have pre-outs for all channels so you can use powered monitors or external amps for any/all channels.



Hope this isn't a duplicate post (having keyboard trouble), but my recommendation is to get a 7.1 receiver with DPLIIx, and not a 6.1 receiver. If you plan to expand beyond a 5.1 speaker system, 7.1 is the right way to go, not 6.1.

I'm not familiar with the receivers being discussed, but I assume if they are new models they would have DPLIIx and 7.1.

Bruce and All,

Yes, the Pioneer VSX-1014TK has 7.1 channels of amplification on-board and it has DPLIIx. In addition to that, it has THX Select certification. All this for under $350 street price! As I said earlier, it is a SCREAMINGLY good value........


It seems these receivers are very good value so thanks for the info.

Can anyone please explain the difference between the 1014 and the 1015?

Not sure what the premium for the 1015 is or if it is worth it, especially since I may only use it for pre out and with headphones.