5Z3PAT equivalent

I just purchased a Bez 2A3 amp from China. Does anyone know if the 5Z3PAT rectifier can be replaced with a 5Z3? If so, any recommendations? There is no manual and I have not heard back from the seller. So far, the sound is quite thin out of the box, but I'd like to try some NOS tubes in it and let it break in before I form any final judgements. It DOES have a very transparent treatment of the vocals that I like, so may be worth tweaking.
5Z3's are really inexpensive at www.tubesandmore.com
Brand shouldn't matter much since it is a rectifier. Ask them the difference between the PAT and plain 5Z3
I am looking for an equivelent for the 5Z3PAT. The plain 5Z3 is not an equivalent! The bases are different. Sovtek says that the 5U4G is an equivalent. At least it has the right base/socket configuration (octal). Be carfull with the application. I have BEZ 845 monoblocks. I got a hold of the schematic and the 5Z3PAT is being used as a slow start ciruit with a solid state rectifier. In this configuration it has no effect on the audio performance. If you have found an equivalent for the 5Z3PAT, let me know.
I ended up using a 5U4G. Not knowing anything about circuits, I just thought I'd give it a shot and it worked. I just assummed it was being used as a rectifier. I was too impatient to swap tubes in one at a time, so I also put in some Sovtek 2A3s and it made a big improvement in sound.
I have used an RCA 5u4g in my bez 2a3, it works (functions) but i dont think it is a direct replacement. The 5z3pat has a four pin base, the 5u4g a 5 pin base, if you look at the connections under the rectifier octal, there are only four equidistant connections. My bez is clipping in the "presence" range, mainly vocals are aggressive and too forward. instrumental passages are fine, i am looking for the right rectifier, have changed all other ancilliaries/components. how does yours sound?
I sold it a while back. Have you tried rolling some of the other tubes? email me off line if you are having trouble finding good NOS replacements.
Hi, took a while, the 5u4g is NOT a replacement, it will function but doesnt supply enough juice to the input valves and gives a nasty hump at around 2K and consequently an edgy aggressive sound. (like a cheap transistor amp clipping). im afraid if you sold it without hearing the real amp youve missed out. really very good, not quite in leak 20/20 teritory but more guts and clout and with a few tweaks, who knows?