5LS refererence

A newbie to the Gallo acoustics speaker.
Well I was fraudulently  drawn into a purchase listing ID # lis9iied on Adiogon. Dated November  30th 2019.  Being a newbie to Gallo acoustics,I thought the photo on the cover ad was what I was purchasing. After the purchase I found the front drivers to be totally different than the manufacturer had put into production. Upon much research and correspondence with Stephen of Gallo acoustics, these were never manufactured by Gallo. It turns out to be a hodgepodge of drivers passed on as authentic. Now ,not being an electrical engineer, I have no way of knowing ( other than what Stephen at Gallo told me were the right drivers to purchase. I would love to get these classic speakers back to the original condition.  Please be aware and cautious on Audiogon and Ebay of thomas_mitchell.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 
Yes that could be possible.  The thing is , even though they still have caps and a transformer. The woofer is not made anymore. Not to mention they would cost a fortune. I'm hoping fellow members know people that  have spare parts(The tweeter and woofers are the same as the reference av. I see sets on EBay that are still 1000.00 I have one set of sides so 3 more needed. Pretty pricey. Thank you for responding. Maybe more members know friends that have partial sets or just the raw drivers they have no use for.
By the way he for some reason put in a bunch of Classico tweeters if anyone is in need.