$5K KUZMA TONEARM FOR ONLY $690! Gryphon Diablo for Only $699!

Audiogon is being infested by scammers! These are obviously fake ads designed to steal your hard-earned dollars. The thing that really irks me is that they were allowed to be posted. They all come from new members with zero feedback.


I have been seeing the ads pop up every night. You are charged when you make a listing but the card might be stolen or you are sent a bill from AudioGon to pay. The ad might stay up a short time before it is caught. AudioGon is aware of the problem and looking for ways to resolve the issue. They are great to deal with compared to Ebay. I goes back to making it more difficult for the honest people to stop scammers. The ads are pretty easy to spot. Cheap price, Free shipping, small description, and the date joined is new. The link below seems still active as of May 20th.



It’s getting worse. Lately on-average I report 5-6 scam ads per night. 100% of those ads are from new ’members’ that joined the site on the same day as they placed the ad. Many offer free shipping and the asking prices are ridiculously low. Most ads have no descriptions other than info that is cut ’n pasted from  reviews and/or manufacturers websites. If the scammers attempt to do any additional editorializing their clumsy and awkward grammar is always an immediate tip-off.

it would be sufficient to help moderation by reporting fake ads, possibly also opening a special thread reporting suspicious ads; do not be afraid to report, report and report again if you want to get the platform clean of garbage, remembering that silence is much worse.