5AR4/GZ34 Rectifier Tubes

Is anyone currently making a tube of this type that rivals the performance of the best NOS Mullard tubes? I'm surprised that Sophia, Psvane and others appear not to have offered this tube. Suggestions?

I believe they are from the early 50's and my Crescendo's are unbelievable, I'm still amazed each night I fire up the system and being transported to a LIVE performance...

Have you upgraded your MW PS to the 9.9? It's s worthwhile upgrade.
Wig, I e-mailed Dan at ModWright this week about the upgrade to the PS 9.9 because I was curious since I have the PS 9.0 on a ModWright Sony 5400.

Dan responded with the prices for the upgrade and told me "The new supply, being tube regulated AND tube rectified, adds much greater harmonic content and a broader soundstage. It is a bit warmer and much more 3-dimensional."

I'm sure I will upgrade sooner or later. Sounds like a good upgrade path to me. ;-) Joe
Wig and Goose, some good info!

Goose, I agree on the progress with new production tubes. With the advances in technology over the last half century, plus the fact that people like us are willing to pay high prices for quality tubes, you have to think that eventually we will see tubes that will beat the best nos tubes out there. Perhaps some at reasonable prices like the Gold Lions.

Wig thanks for the heads up on the PSVanes. I've got 2 sets of sophias, so I'm not included to run expensive experiments just yet. Thanks for sharing your experience with the PS 9 upgrade. I will shoot Dan an email and see what the cost is.
Wig...ditto on the advise regarding the power supply upgrade, I will also check in with Dan.