590axii in the house

The 20 hour used 590axii showed up Saturday as I was getting ready to walk out the door to audition speakers.
Stopped in my tracks when I saw Fedex.  Got the amp unboxed and setup.  This thing is amazing - fit and finish is incredible.

I only have an old pair of Paradigms that I had to connect to get some listening in.  Even though Luxman says break-in is 450 hours, the sound is deep and rich with those speakers - I can't imagine how the sound will improve after break-in and better speakers.

Finding speakers to audition is gonna be more difficult than the amp, which I bought blind (there is only one Luxman in my entire state, a 509x which I didn't want).
I own the 590axii about a year now, and went from Totem bookshelves which I enjoyed, to the Harbeth 30.2, big improvement, clear and clean, but still with a nice touch of warmth with lushness. I Listen for hours. Enjoy. Let us know what you ended up getting. 
congrats - first experiences with real high end gear can be quite a thrill
@bgm11, you chose wisely. As a fellow owner, I can certainly relate to your excitement. One thing that I highly recommend is to swap the stock power cord with something nicer. I've tried Cerious Technologies Graphene and Audio Envy power cords and both made a huge difference in sound. Try it and you'll be surprised by how much more this amp can deliver.

Another thing to note is that, despite its class A rating up to 30 watts, the amp is fairly neutral, maybe a smidge on the warm side but barely so. This is good because speaker pairing gets a bit easier. I don't know your budget but Sonus Fabers tend to pair well. Look at their Olympica line, either the previous models or the new Novas. I also heard the amp with Harbeth SHL5+, and the sound was amazing.
The Luxman 590 ax2 is very good and nice looking with the meters ,
for overall purity ,accuracy of the musical signal I found the latest Coda integrated a fantastic Best Buy at $6500 retail and. Will easily meet or beat any 
integrated in the $10k and under range ,just look under the hood ,and with the V1
option,3  to choose from. 18 first watts into pure class A,  then 150-300 wpc
Built like a tank a 3k transformer , and over 80 k in capacitance ,a totally seperate Amplifier ,and pure class A preamp all under the hood and a solid 10 year warranty, 5 year transferrable.
@audioman58 in your opinion, how big is the performance gap between the latest version of Coda CSIB and the previous one?
As of  mid 2019 I. Believe the latest FETs much lower THD 
and a couple other things ,I bought the best poly cap out there for the preamp coupling section from VH audio their new Odam  caps , which make anything with them better still.  , theamp rakes a huge 16 amp slow blow fuse 
for the 🍊 fuse. Which is on the list. And can push 120 amps  for short bursts.
I only have an old pair of Paradigms that I had to connect to get some listening in.
You clearly need some better speakers than that !
@audioman58 Thanks for the details. I was hoping you would shed some light on the differences in terms of sound quality between the new and old models.
Back to the point of this thread (Luxman, not Coda), OP, continue to post your impressions of the amp. 
Did you compare the 590 to any other amps before you purchased?  What is the 590 replacing?  
Did you compare the 590 to any other amps before you purchased? What is the 590 replacing?

I’m getting out of HT, so multi channel Marantz and Paradigms. There is a serious shortage of audio shops in my area, and even a worse supply of electronics and speakers. I bought the 590 blind - based on too much reading on the internet, and my desire for a high end Luxman.  I only listened to a few Mcs and Moon.

Most experts recommend buying the speakers first but what do they know anyway.

Another thing they recommend is "Never buy a speaker you have not heard". 

Now that one I have to say is a good rule. 

Interesting that you were able to survey the entire state (Wyoming?) to learn that you own of the two Luxman products in residence.

Open your eyes. No more buying blind unless its an airline ticket
to nearest city with Brick and Mortar retailers.

That is my advice on a good match with the Luxies.

I get the recommendation on speakers first, however, I could not get that to align.  I literally have two shops to visit in my state, and after the visit to the first, I'm down to one shop.  That one shop had one speaker that I'd consider.

IRT to the amp, there was one Luxman in my state, and it was a new 509 that I wasn't considering.

So the decision was made to buy the amp used at a savings, because it was also the only Luxman 590axii for sale in the entire United States.

I'm flying Friday out of state to audition speakers, because I have no other choice.  This has been anything but an enjoyable experience, well, not true.  The 590 playing thru some older speakers is satisfying, and especially knowing it will improve with better speakers.
Congratulation on your 590AXII. I have 509X pair with Legacy Focus SE and the sound is fantastic.
I wouldn’t rule out the Paradigm Persona 3F’s. I haven’t heard them, but am very happy with my S6’s.