5814 tube for Audiomat Solfege Reference?

I'd like to try 5814's in place of the 12au7's in the Solfege, but I don't know if it will work. Does anyone know? The research I've done states that the 5814 is a direct substitute for the 12au7 IF the tubes use a "parallel filament circuit." Does the Solfege? Is there a way for me to figure it out?

Thanks very much!

Yes a 5814 is a direct replacement for a 12au7. As a matter of fact I use GE 5814 tubes in my phono preamp.
You can also use a 5963 and a 6189.
Thanks, yogiboy. I have found several sites that state what you have posted, but I found one (very technically detailed) that said there needed to be "parallel filament circuits." I just heard from my tube expert/repair guy who said he thought the circuits were in parallel. So, between your and his points, I'm about to dive in. . . .
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