5751 Triple Mica - really that good?

I have a Jolida JD-100 cd player with Parts Connexion level 1 mods, plus addt'l mods. I've tried Mullard and Telefunken 12AX7 tubes and do like the overall sound. I've been considering triple mica 5751 tubes, thinking it will take the overall sound up another level, but they are costly IMO relative to what I've paid for the 12AX7 tubes.

Are they worth it? Anyone with a JD-100 have experience rolling tubes including 5751s?


I had a JD 100 for a couple of years. No matter what tubes I used in it, I always found it to be a little rolled off in the highs and the sound a bit slow. I finally sold it and got an Esoteric player. Big difference but it should be considering I could have bought 9 JD 100's for the same price.
No experience with 5751s, but Amperex Bugle Boys 1959-1962 LARGE ROUND HALO GETTER presented a huge 3D soundstage, nice clear top end and good detail. Very musical, which I'm not sure the 5751s are.
Check archives for 5751.
My JD-100 has the same mods as yours. I tried a set of the Sylvania trip micas and found they were a little heavy in the bottom for my liking. But this was after I changed the power cord from the stock one to a Virtual Dynamics Power 3 power cord. The new cord added some extra bottom end in itself. I weighed the differences and decided to go with a different tube and keep the cord. I'm currently using a set of TJ Full Music 12ax7's that sound very good top to bottom.

I purchased a Jolida Music Envoy preamp a short time ago which uses 12ax7's and bought a set of Tung-Sol gold pin tubes that produce equally pleasing results. The stock ones were rolled off in the top end.

Your outcome will depend on your system as a whole.
In my experience, the Sylvania Triple Mica 5751 are the best sounding 12AX7 tubes ever produced.

You are right they also cost an exorbitant amount. If you must have the best, you'll pay for them. Outside of that, the current production Shuguang Triple Mica 12AX7B give you most of what the best variants ever provided at about $10/tube. I feel they eclipse many of the vaunted old make 12AX7, and obviously represent off the chart value.
Sylvania 5751 trips are fantastic, used them for years but seldom seen, by me at least, in recent years.
I neglected to say how the Sylvania 5751 black plate trip mica sounded. I agree with the others posting that they sound most excellent.
5751's can sound great. But, don't fall into the trap of assuming that ANY 5751 will sound better than a good 12ax7 simply because it's a 5751. I have tried countless 12ax7 variants and while I really like my GE, Sylvania and Raytheon triple mica 5751's, I always go back to Telefunken 12ax7's. Good luck.
Agreed, and highly system dependent. Tubes, like cables and tweaks are the audiophile's last bastion of tone control(s).
Have a look at my virtual system. I've some comments on 5751 that I've tried.