5687 Tube Suggestion

Looking to replace my 5687 tubes in my Audio Note Kit 1 Amplifier. Looking for some suggestions, or if anyone who has had the pleasure to use this amplifier could chime in. What are everyone's favorite 5687 tubes.
I've been using Tung Sol's in my Modwright Tube SACD player.  Very nice sound top to bottom and they remain quiet.  If you look around you can get them for a very reasonable price.Good luck!
Andy over at Vintage Tube Services is great! He's incredibly knowledgeable and will take the time to talk over the differences in tubes. He was super helpful when I was looking for different tubes for my old pre-amp. Ended up with some Mullards and loved them. Don't know if they made 5687s. Good luck with your search! 
Most think that the old stock Tung Sols are best. There are several variations all of which are good, but I dont know which is considered best.