555mkII find a better....

Is there a better amp than the Adcom 555mkII for my subs for under 500.00.I use it bridged in mono.Remember you can find it used for 400.00
Which subs? You should remember that bridging a stereo amp cuts the damping factor (bass control) in half. I've owned (4) 555IIs, the three with Toshiba output transistors sounded better than the one I had with ADC transistors.
Just take a flashlight & look in the side of your Adcom, you'll be able to read the transistor brand name.
I used Adcom 555IIs and Parasound HCA 1200II THX amps to drive passive Snell Sub 550s with a Sumo Delilah crossover, mated to Magnepan 3.3Rs running full range. Both brands sounded good, but sounded better NOT bridged.
An Aragon 4004 MKII is equal to a pair of Adcoms or Parasounds, you can find them used for around $700.00
Depends on the sub, but an Electron Kinetics Eagle has some of the best quality bass ever. There's currently one on Ebay for $400 buy it now (not mine), though it is an older A model versus the C I am more familiar with.
I currently use them bridged powering a 4ohm load.I understand each side has to handle 2ohms but I never got the feel that they were reaching their limit nor was heat a problem.I was just wondering if another killer amp like this existed that I could get for 400.00 used that would improve handling in a 4ohm load.