'55 Ravel Munch Daphnis et Chloe Shoot-out

Love Munch's D&C; his players play with such a sense of awe, enthusiasm and discovery. I own an original, the Chesky, the SACD, and I've heard the Classic 45RPM. I know that comparisons are a treacherous business as different tapes were used, etc. (see the Chesky website)--but I dare say the Chesky wins. It shares all the string silkiness, micro-dynamics and remarkable transparency of the original (the strings indeed retain their glint, gleam and "space" during the shimmering, triplet-figure material that just precedes the climax of the Intro), plus the "blacker" backgrounds and increased dynamics of the Classic and SACD. The latter two-while involving-exhibit some touches of hardening and "flattening" of texture in climaxes.
Interesting since the Chesky is from a later generation tape than the others.
I'm not sure I quite follow. It is reported that the Chesky derives from the original 30ips master; the original LSC was borne from 2nd generation 15ips workparts. Often to me, reissues--while initially-pleasing because of certain qualities listed above--lose in the "boogie factor" category. I don't sense that with the Chesky; the only other 33rpm reissue I humbly feel blows away the original is Alto's Leibowitz Prokofiev 2nd Piano Concerto with the PCO. On 45rpm, a can't decide between the original Merc Sythian Suite/Oranges and the 45rpm with regard to microdynamics, but definitely more hall ambience in the 45--the room pressure in my living room seems to change during quiet lead-in moments before orchestra starts.