50th Woodstock Anniversay Concert ; Michael Lang

I've been trying to plan for the 50th Woodstock activities but I've come to learn that there will be two separate events, totally unrelated to one another. First, the Woodstock Anniversary Concert which is the product of Michael Lang. This will be held at a location not yet disclosed but Michael Lang should make his announcement soon. Second, the Bethel, N.Y. Woodstock Museum and Pavilion, which will take place at the original 1969 location, formerly Max Yasgur's Farm.
Being somewhat sentimental, my heart leads me in the direction of the Bethel N.Y./ Yasgur spot but for the real party, I feel that I have to give the nod to Michael Lang. If one were to look at the original Bethel grounds site today, they would see that it is in no way capable of hosting a gigantic 50th Woodstock Concert Festival. And to be honest, Michael Lang has been the carrier of the Woodstock flame since his original 1969 event took place.
If both events happen at differing points in time, it may be possible to attend both. I'm however thinking that attending both might be cost prohibitive, not to mention getting someone to fill in for me at work for such a long stretch. Additionally, I can admit that I already have a degree of anxiety about allocating a bundle of cash within a small window of time in order to score the festival/concert tickets.
Any thoughts or news about this topic would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Again Folks,
Sorry to double dip here but the news is out. Watkins Glen, New York will be the location on August 16,17 and 18. It appears that tickets will go on sale in February. Anybody going?

I wouldn't go to that on a dare !!
mastercylinder, that's what people were saying about the original in 1969. To each there own but I don't believe it's doomed, rather the opposite.
While in Woodstock, attend a show at Levon Helm's Barn!
bdp24, this is where Bob Dylan rehearsed and recorded? That is in Woodstock but Watkin's Glen is near Buffalo. 

@goofyfoot, I believe you are thinking of Big Pink, the house in Saugerties, NY (close to Woodstock) that three members of The Band rented and lived in throughout 1967 and into ’68. They rehearsed in the basement of that house, and made the legendary Basement Tape recordings with Dylan there in 1967. The Band entitled their 1968 debut album Music From Big Pink.

Levon Helms’ Barn is a different place, located in the town of Woodstock. The original barn on his property burned down, and when Levon rebuilt he did so as a recording studio/performance stage, where in house concerts are put on. Since his passing, the concerts have continued, sometimes lead by his former bandmember Larry Campbell. Campbell has also served in that role for Dylan, and has a fairly-recent album with his wife. Very talented guy.

I've been to two shows at the barn, took my son to one, we stood to the left of Levon and watched his drumming all evening (we're both drummers).  Larry was there, and it was clear how much he (Larry) admired and loved Levon.  As do I.  There is a recent development with the barn, something called barn burners, where you donate $750 to be used for upgrades and repairs and in return you get 24 hours advanced notice of all new shows there.  I signed up even though I most likely will never attend, just to support that place and the great music and feel one experiences while in attendance.  But I did get a t-shirt!
It looks like something will be happening at the Levon Helm barn August 19th so possibly. It reminds me of Jorma Kaukonen's farm Fur Peace.
Watkins Glen is not near Buffalo. 

About 70 miles each from Rochester and Syracuse. 
wcfeil, To be more specific, I should say that for me, I start out in the direction of Buffalo via I 90 and then take I 86 east. It's about another 4 hours from Watkin's Glen to Woodstock and in the opposite direction from where I'm coming from.

Damn @rpeluso, I’m green with envy! I had made plans to make the pilgrimage to Levon’s Barn with an old friend of mine (I’ve made music with him off and on since 1968. He saw Dylan & The Hawks live in ’65!), but he had a terrible accident and everything was postponed. Before I knew it, Levon was dead. I met and spoke with Levon only once, at his autobiographical-book signing in Book Soup on Sunset Blvd. at the time of it’s release. Ringo Starr was there too, and took cuts in line ;-) .

I still intend to make it to Big Pink before I die. Its' current owner entertains visitors, of a certain type. There is a video on You Tube of Garth Hudson visiting, and telling stories about The Bands' time there in 1967-8. Fantastic! 

bdp, I saw that video when it was new, made both my kids watch it, it brought tears to my eyes, still does.  
Watkins Glen is closer to Rochester and Syracuse than it is Buffalo. It's at the south end of Seneca Lake and it's a stunning area if you've never been. Do yourself a favor and make it a vacation. The entire Finger Lakes region of NY is a treasure. The parks are amazing and the entire area is loaded with wineries, craft breweries, good food and beautiful scenery. The Watkins Glen race track which is where this event will be held was the location of Summer Jam '73 with over 600k spectators.
Not a cartographer so it makes no difference. Whether I'll visit the town of Watkin's Glen, I'm not sure. I fly to Europe and Ukraine so that's is where I focus my attention when I plan on traveling.
The Woodstock 50th holds its own importance.
rpeluso, your kids are lucky to have a Pa such as you. The guitarist in my senior year of high school band's Dad was a Jazz drummer, and he came with us to see Cream at The Fillmore on their first U.S. tour. I didn't see how he reacted to the "Jazz cigarettes" that were being passed around through the audience ;-) .
bdp, I was raised in Baltimore, saw the Cream concert way back when there, also saw Blind Faith, many others.  And on b'day number 12 for me my dad took me to The Beatles, in Baltimore.  A few years back (maybe more than a few?) I took my son to MSG for the Cream concert there, Ginger was not the same drummer he was originally, but it was worth all of it for my boy to see/experience it.  Dec 1 took my two plus son-in-law to the Beacon to see Dylan.