50k people attend concert with no live music

I know it sounds unbelievable but it's true. I saw it on T.V. Tonight. It was on CNN and hosted by Lisa Ling. It was called electronic Woodstock. It was on the original grounds of the Woodstock concert. It was a 3 day concert of all pre-recorded music played by disc jockeys. She said that 50k people attended the event.

I always thought you attended a concert for the live music. I guess not anymore.
Music is a distant third at rock concerts .
HAHA! Now you can even watch computer games at the stadiums instead of athletic matches!
They're called Music Festivals in Europe and thousands attend every weekend. The DJs are the entertainment, and of course, the Ecstasy (or whatever it's now called).

Remember "Raves" in the 80s and 90s?

Now there are dance clubs where the kids all listen to their ipods...that's the weirdest concept of all.
That's progress.

Next will be concerts with only birds chirping.
In other related news, Ozzie Ozborne will apologize for peeing on the Alamo in 1982. This is true! Its about time!
Thank god I grew up in the 70's. I saw so many great concerts and the best bands that inhabited the planet. At the time I really didn't appreciate it. Now I look back and those are the best memories of my entire life. When these kids get my age they will be thinking about all the great shows they saw listening to pre-recorded music.
"Now there are dance clubs where the kids all listen to their ipods...that's the weirdest concept of all."

Lowrider...are they at least all listening to a common source? i.e., the same music at the same time??
Ghosthouse, I saw it featured on the news one nite.

I found this...

Thanks for that link, Lowrider. Looks like the answer to my question is, "Not necessarily!"
I'm with Taters on this! I also came of age during the 70s and there were soooo many great bands, alums, and concerts about - it was impossible to see and hear all of them. But I damn sure tried my best and was fortunate to see almost every group I wanted to see. And in most cases the ticket prices were $5.00 or less.

The 1st show I ever saw was Grin (Nils Lofgren) at the Cedar Lane Unitarian Church in Kensington, MD. Tickets were 50 cents each - w00t!! Nils was one year ahead of me in high school and I used to sneak out of class and watch them practice in the gym - what a treat!

One of the greatest shows I ever saw was held at the Orange Bowl near Miami. The lineup included The Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe Walsh (pre-Eagles), The Eagles, The Band, and, finally, Leon Russell!!

Talk about a *terrific* show - whoa! Oh yeah, the tickets were about $13 each....[smile]
I seen tons of great rock concerts in the seventies also. Without a doubt,those were great times.....Now... If I could only remember half of them. ;^)
Aolmrd 1241,

Luckily I didn't do drugs at the time. I can remember about 75% of the shows I saw. And I saw over 200 shows.
Wow, that Silent Disco thing is cool and strange all at the same time. I think its kind of a cool idea and I'd love to sit there in silence watching a bunch of people dance to a bunch of different music. Seriously guys, you can't pay for that kind of entertainment.

On a side note, Electronic music played in front of large crowds is live music. Dj's read crowds and feed off the energy of a crowd. Some Dj's play mostly music they produce. Others are actual live performances on digital equipment. All of it is realtime and it all has the signature of whoever is performing. Some is great, and some is total crap, just like any genre of music.
Some laughed at us for listening to amplifiers.

Musicians playing in front of an audience is live music. A Disc jockey playing electronic music is not a live performance.
B_limo, You're now Blimp.