50ft lengths of speaker cables,suggestions?

Building a home, need recommendations on speaker cable, not the best(cost effective), to run approximately 50 foot to equipment room. The sheet rock is already up so this will be fun. My wife is not keen on placing speakers in the family room again, so I need to be carefull-I have not picked speakers yet. My old system was ML Prodigy's and I am also looking at B&W 800D's. So, I am not sure the wife will consider mono-blocks next to the speakers. Thanks,
Canare Starquad 4S11. $.69/foot at Markertek.com. I once used 30 foot runs terminated with WBT spades.

Also, do a thread search for Canare, and do a member search for "Sean". Sean has a suggestion in one thread for speakers wire that is similar to Canare 4S11 in design and gauge, but costs even less.
Remember the challenge at Stereopile using extension cord? Search the archives - allegedly it's pretty good, and it's cheap.
Try Analysis Plus they are a great buy for the money. I believe they have a low amp drop give them a call
The sheet rock is already up so this will be fun.

Ugh, that makes for quite a hassle. Do you have to undergo an electrical inspection for your permitting process? I imagine if your drywall is already up it is past that point. The reason I ask is that building code in most area's require specific types of cabling be used inside of walls.

The Stereophile article mentioned included Home Depot extension cord used as speaker wire. It actually sounds pretty good (tried some out for the heck of it). But that stuff is pretty beefy to force feed through your studs so I personally wouldn't go there. It'd sure be cheap though. Goerz makes some flat cable that is supposedly code for in-wall wiring. Don't know if it would be any easier to route, nor how good it is. A 50-foot run may require some specific considerations for running a signal that distance.

Good luck!

Ocos speaker cable is a coax design and exhibits no loss out to 200 feet. Double runs improve bass extension. This cable is available through Sumiko Corp. They have an office in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area)
This cable is fast and is very good at imaging. They come with adapters to convert the coax termination to spade. They are about the same diameter as RG-59 cable used in cable tv. However that's where the similarities end. I am using my Ocos with Nearfield Acoustics Pipedream speakers.
A search on Audiogon indicated the phone number: 510-843-4500.
And the best part. Unless you want to spend 100.00$ a foot or more, you can't beat the Ocos. Yes that's an opinion. Maybe it's 92.00 or more but after all it's just an estimate. I find this cable used at about 10 to 15$ a foot. Most used lengths aren't as long as 50 feet. Being coax in doesn't lend itself to splicing well, so lots of short length are not recomended. Sumiko terminates your lenght with a crimped metal terminal that friction fits into the spade adapter. Two adapters are available, black and red. Some tweeters exhibit "ringing" and the red termination helps avoid this. Sumiko can explain the science.
New, Ocos cable is somewhere around 20$/ft.. It's worth a call to Sumiko. Do a google search under ocos sumiko to see reviews by other owners.
Summing it up: it's good out to 200 feet, great imaging, small and flexible but stiff enough to feed up through walls, smooth frequency response, and in multiple runs it just gets better. And it's cheap!
Cardas Golden Reference.
Mapleshade has a cable which is specifically designed for long runs up to 60' and it's called CLEARVIEW GOLDEN PARALLEL CABLE.

you can find more info here:

Their cables are very, very nice