508.24 Power Cable Suggestions?

I would very much appreciate any comments, feedback or suggestions regarding any experience with upgrading the power cord on a Meridian 508.24 cd player.
I am using Electraglide Fatboy with great results. I have Electraglide throughout my system. Steve
To those that reply, could you also express what you have found to improve over the stock power cord?
I made a DIY PC using Chris V's recipe #3 but used Furutech gold plated ends as they have superior gripping ability. I picked the Furutech because the Meridian only has two prongs to connect with. I have the 506.24 but guessing the 508.24 has similar electrical connections.

I haven't run much of a comparison to any other cords but did notice a darker background-more detail. You could recreate the same cord for about $65.00 which might seem high for DIY but $50.00 of the cost is for the ends.
I have a JPS Digital cord. I used it on a Micromega before getting the Meridian. Overall, on both players, it was a quieter experience -- less hash. I also found the treble less bright. Of course, there may be some wishful listening going on....