$5000 or under speaker secommendations?

I'm thinking about getting a second, used pair of either bookshelf or full range/floorstanding speakers for my system (currently I have the Avalon Radiants and love them).

Not wanting to spend my child's college tuition on this second pair, I want the best money can get for a pair that would typically list around $3,500-5,000 new. I'm considering the Martin-Logan Aerons or Ascents, Opera Callas, Thiel CS 3.5, and Sonus Faber Electa models, but am wide open to other recommendations.

Anyone care to share their opinions, preferences, favorite picks?

keep the avalons. you're not missing anything
Penaudio Charisma/Chara are 5500 new so you could probably get them for 5000. Small footprint, big speaker sound. Great reviews. Also look at Silverline.
Gotta include Merlin TSM's...

I would try the Tyler Acoustic Linbrook speakers, very good sounding speaker's that compete very well against any of the speakers mentioned above , with Excellent customer service from Ty..

If you looking to save money , i can highly recommend two speakers..The Music Goddess , by Kellsie's audio and video design , sound very good and will compete with speakers easily up to about $8000.00 or more.. www.kellsieavdesign.com
I also would recommend trying the LSA speakers by DK design group and would speak to Larry about them.. They are only $2000.00 new and will compete nicely against ones that cost much more also.. www.dkdesigngroup.com.. If you would like Larry's e-mail address, just let me know and i will give it to you.. I also recommend checking out Tyler acoustics Linbrook's used through Tyler.. Tyler has good sales and usally close to full warranty to go with his used speakers , plus great to deal with..I have a set for Sale , but would only come with about 2 year warranty..
Good luck,
Get a used Silverline Sonata II or even better - new Usher 6381's for $3000. Usher is a steal for the money.

Joseph Audio Rm25si MkII's.


Haven't heard anything near its price range to compare if you want a traditional floorstander. Extraordinarily revealing, open, clear and big-sounding.

Really worth seeking an audition.
Thanks for your recommendations. Please keep them coming.

One point of clarification: I'm not replacing my Avalons. I'm simply looking for a second set of speakers to use alternately.
I second the recommendation for used Sonata IIs. I have had mine for a little over a month now and am extremely pleased.

Revelation Audio Mistral S6 with sub6, one of the best combinations out there for under $5000, made my prior watt/puppies 7.1 sound lacking in musicality and easily just as open ... I love that revelator tweeter coupled with a morel midrange driver plus you don't have to worry about bass they offer it in spades if needed (2 isobaric subs with 4 subs/tower powered by their own 150wpc amp with adjustable crossover, gain and phase) try to audition them if you can or go to the Montreal show if that's a possibility, they're usually there ... my desire for the Dynaudio Evidence Temptations stopped after these realtively inexpensive speakers.
Go with Martin Logans. You can get them used at great prices. The panels are incredible. If you want good tight bass go with either the Ascents, Odysseys or higher of course.
just want to put in a good word for Harbeth monitors (the M40 and Super HL5 are actually bigger than your average monitors). they are laid back, smooth, natural, and detailed. not terribly efficient though.
Von Schweikert's have several great speakers in this price range VR4 latest generation (used, new may have went up recently)
I would at least audition the Vandersteen 3A Signature.
Martin Logan are very good, I use them exclusively in the HT system but they do need very musical gear to sound pleasant, otherwise they are VEEERY revealing ... beware here! ... however you can never forget their sound if you like it.
I would recommend B&W 703, 804, 805, or 803S speakers. I have 703s and couldn't be happier, until I get to upgrade to 803D or 802D speakers down the road at some point. Best advice is to go take a listen somewhere, it convinced me pretty quick... :)
I have been utterly astonished--and delighted to the point of giddiness--by the wonderful sound emanating from my recently purchased Intuitive Design Summit loudspeakers, around 3500 for the speakers and 1500 for the stands. I plan a review at some point but want them to break in some more. If possible, give them a listen. Small company, well worth checking out.