$500 Cartridge for Well Tempered Classic

I have just bought the Well Tempered Classic (mid 90's version without updates) and need to buy a cartridge quickly because I am about to have this table set-up. My Preamp doesn't have low output capability. My short list includes the Dynavector 10x5, Clearaudio virtuoso wood, Grado Platinum or Sonata. I am leaning toward the Dynavector. Will this work with well the Well Tempered arm? Any others that I should consider?
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All but the least compliant will likely work well. The lower the compliance, the more liquid you'll need in the cup. The Dynavector seems to be the MM weapon of choice lately. If deciding between the Platinum and Sonata, I'd spend a little bit more and get ALOT more with the Sonata.

There are also some high output MC's that deserve some scrutiny like the Benz Ace, etc. You'll probably need an output of at least a couple of mV (2.0) to drive a MM phono pre.

FYI- The WT arm is medium mass and pretty well damped with fine sand in the armtube.

Go with a Grado. Transparent Audio is no longer marketing the Well Tempered table, but their most consistant recommendation was the Grado Reference for the Well Tempered Reference table and arm. The Grados work really well with Well Tempered arm and they are really musical. Grado is also a great company to deal with.
There is a new Grado Sonata that is selling for $365.00 that sounds like a good bet. Thanks for the input. Bob
I went ahead and purchased the Grado Sonata and it should be coming soon. I was quite interested in the Dynavector and the Clearaudio virtuoso wood, but I figured that this is a safe choice. Also I can also buy those other cartridges at a later date. Thanks for all the help.