$500 - $600.00 preowned cd player suggestions

I am looking to spend $500-600 on pre-owned cd player. Maybe Rega,CEC, Cambridge, Arcam etc. I am using Dynaudio Contour 1.3 and Classe' intergrated amp CAP100. Listen to jazz and light rock. Any and all thoughts welcome.
Thanks Rick
There are new NAD T585 universal players being sold for that price on Audiogon. It lists for $1200.00 new. I purchased one a month ago and still can't believe how great it sounds on redbook cd's. I've had a $4K transport and dac combo that didn't sound as good. It also plays DVD-A's and SACD's. It doesn't convert SACD's to pcm, which I read is desirable and only SACD players above the $1500.00 price point do this. I opened mine up and it has the same audio and video boards as the NAD M5 universal player that lists for $1800.00. A retailer is selling new M5's for $1299.00 and they state in their add "best player under $3K".
IMHO you may need to purchase the Cambridge 840c or Raysonic CD-128 to get better sound. Not sure though, I've never heard those players, but read the reviews, but no comparisons. More people, in your budget, need to listen to the T585. It is a steal at $600.00. No question in my mind!
I've seen the Rotel RCD-1072 CD players being sold on this site in this price range. New $700.00. I have one and it's superb, especially for smooth jazz. It excels at that (i.e. Norman Brown, Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, David Benoit, Brian Culbertson, Boney James).
Agon,a used Jolida JD100 is a great buy @$600 if you are not looking at SACD and want to experience the hybrid world of a quality(budget priced) CD player with a great transport.
This is it!
Trust me, get a nice and mint Musical Fidelity 3.2 or 3.5, you will not regret it!
My vote goes for Marantz CD-17MKII. Can be had cheap on used market. Very nice sounding, extremely well built and beautiful looking machine. Also very reliable with Philips WAM 1201 transport that is cheap and easy to replace if needed. Uses same highly musical DAC 7 as higher Marantzes.
As for Arcam I suggest FMJ CD23 that uses same Ring-DAC as $$$ dCS Elgar. Arcam is not so good looking as Marantz but sound is also extremely good. Marantz bit warmer tonaly better sounding, Arcam bit more resolution.
I don`t suggest not FMJ Arcam units. These are dull and lifeless sounding. Same sound you can get for cheapo dvd player.
I used to have a CAL (Calif. Audio Labs) player in the
1990's and really liked it. I thought it was as good as the Meridian 508.24 I replaced it with in 1998. There are a few CAL player and separates for sale on Audiogon now.
I had an Icon Mark II player (later with a Powerboss upgrade). It was very easy on the ears with no hash, ringing, hardness or glare. The soundstage was a bit flat but the tonality was very refined.