$500-$1000 to spend on a used CD player

I have $500-$1000 to spend on a used CD player. I am looking for recommendations. I have a Marantz 2325 receiver and Klipsch KG3 speakers.
Oppo BDP-83SE $899 new.

I was thinking of upgrading to a blu-ray player for my HT system. I was seriously considering the Oppo 83. I was however thinking of buying a used CD player for my two channel system. I would gladly buy an Oppo if I could find one used, but I doubt that would happen. I am looking more for suggestions for a good used CD player.
Class "A" Sony XA7ES
add some Aurios 1.1 under it and your done.

I owned this for 5 years, then went to Meitner EMM labs

awsome machine

cheap $500/$600 max

Check out www.pioneerelectronics.com as they have several SACD players for sale at great prices. I have the lest expensive one, on sale for $230, and it was a significant improvement over my blu-ray and 6 disk changer. There are several other options, but they all seem to have good reviews online.

I might be able to save enough to also pick up a blu-ray player.
Why not spend $60 on a Sony 595? Think of all the software you can buy with the savings.
For a number of years I used a Music Hall CD25 with a Marantz 2240 receiver and like the pairing a lot. The 25.2 CD player is available these days for $350 or so, new ($600 list). A new version of the player is being introduced.

Wait a minutes, Yates! You say you want a good CD player for $500-$1000. The oppo BDP-83SE is available directly from Oppo for way less than $1000. What are you waiting for???

Hey Buconero!

You keep mentioning that Sony refurb, but it's been out of stock for what seems like ages. Any chance you know anything about how frequently they become available?
Regarding the Oppo BDP-83SE. Is it really that good of a CD player? I am always under the opinion that a CD player should play CD's well. I guess I am suspicious of the sound quality due to the fact that it is also a DVD player and a BluRay player. Also without being able to listen to the Oppo I would be nervous about purchasing it new sight unseen. Is the sabre DAC on the Oppo worth the extra $400.00 over the BDP-83 for $500? I could buy a pretty good DAC for the extra $400. I thought if I bought a used player off of Audiogon sight unseen and I decided that I didn't like it I could sell it for close to what I payed for it due to the fact that I bought it used.
There is a Resolution Audio CD-55 for $775 just listed. Excellent player at that price.

without being able to listen to the Oppo I would be nervous about purchasing it new sight unseen.
FWIW, the Oppo should be easy to sell if you don't like it. The 83 and 83SE both have incredible resale value. The only thing you risk losing is not being able to hear it in your system ;~}
If what you really want is a dedicated player, the Naim CD5x is superb, and you can find amazing deals used (there's one listed now for $950; I have no relation to the seller). I had a Music Hall cd25.2, which is excellent -- very transparent and clear. In my system, the Naim is better than the MH in every respect (as one would hope given that it listed for 4-5 times the price), especially on recordings with mediocre sound quality. If resale is a concern, though, you'd likely be better off with the Oppo (which I haven't heard). Used prices on cd players seem to be plummeting (for obvious reasons).
I'm not necessarily concerned about resale. I just don't want to buy something I haven't heard and then be stuck with it.
They don't come up for sale that often, but an Exposure 2010s or 2010s2 would make a fine player. I upgraded from a 2010s2 to a 35th Anniversary Rega Apollo recently. While I prefer the Apollo's sound, the Exposure more than held it's own and in fact was a more energetic player. My Apollo, like many Apollos, has glitches. It won't always do what you tell it to. The Exposure never stumbled in that regard, or had trouble playing a disc.
I am so tired of having people plug in the Oppo. It's not a bloody giant-killer. It's fine for what it is but for a decent dedicated player there are much better choices: Exposure, Naim, Talk, MF
Hi Yates,
If you want to stretch your budget a bit, Sony SCD-XA5400ES is wonderful machine.
If you want a legacy Stereophile Class A, my Sony SCD-777ES top loading is up 4 sale soon (within your budget range) We can talk off line
Good luck
My CDP died recently and I compared 3 units - Primare CD21, Rega Apollo, Music Hall CD25.2
The Primare was not a good match in my system. I actually owned it for a couple of years and it was fine, but when I changed my system and started looking at other players it fell a bit short (my system).
The MH 25.2 is a great machine and a super value. At the $350 brand new price it is absolutely a steal. But in my system it had a little glare in the upper mids (I have Klipschorns which will really show that). I hated to send it back.
I ended up with the Rega Apollo. Very smooth player. Not as much impact (slam, whatever) as the MH, but very nice and musical. I'm very happy with it. I got it new @ $850, I believe they came down in price.
You might want to try the TEAC PD-H600 for just under $1000, new. I've had mine for a few months now and it is really opening up for some of the most detailed and organic presentations I've heard in my system. Great transients and layering. For grins and giggles I took it down to my local audio salon and inserted it into his $150,000 all tube system, replacing a Lector CDP. It didn't have the body of the Lector and as a result, had a very slight edge to its presentation. After the second track, all was forgotten and we were very surprised on how well it acquitted itself. We ended up having a long listening session and truth be told, I didn't miss the Lector at all. I just wish I had his system to build around the TEAC. Those guys at Esoteric did something to this CDP and its all the better for it.