$500-$1000 budget lots of questions please advise

Hi everyone,

I am new here and joined to learn more about speaker systems. I will soon be purchasing a home stereo/audio system primarily for music, but also one that could work with my tv would be a bonus.
Anyway, I must admit I love bass and do not mind bass heavy speakers normally, but I also do not want to get a system that can only properly play bass heavy music.
I know my budget is minimal but I am open to refurbished/used speakers possibly as well.

I began researching and found these which caught my interest:

Sony Shake 5 2400 watt speakers. $1000
-I know watts are not everything at all, but they have pretty good reviews, look cool, and seem like they are very well made. They are very heavy.

Klipsch HDT-600 Home Theater System. $300-600
-these seem like a good value but I think choosing a larger speakers would be smart because they must offer more bang for your buck.

Klipsch RF-42II Home Theater Bundle-FREE BIC Acoustech PL-200. $1200
-over my budget but it looks like a badass system.

I wont continue to ramble but I also looked at other speakers including:

-Sony LBTGPX77 1800W Mini Music System with Bluetooth and NFC
-Sony LBTGPX55 1600W Mini Music System with Bluetooth and NFC
-Samsung - Refurbished - HT-FM65WC 5.1 1000w Smart 3D Home Theater System with Wireless Surround Speakers
-Panasonic - 1000W 5.1-Ch. 3D / Wi-Fi Blu-ray Home Theater System
Model: SC-BTT195
-Energy Take Classic 5.1
-and many more used speakers on craigslist including:
Klipsh RC 52, RF 52, KLF 30, M&k subwoofer and system, Vandersteen 1c & 2c, and others...

Please let me know your thoughts/ideas.
The more i think about it, i'd like to get a newer/new system if I can because even quality old speakers may be partially worn out.
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Bob gave you an excellent advice - yes 2 ch. is all you need for movies as well (that's what I have).

Diamonds are good speakers, but consider these towers for less :Boston acoustics A250 for $119 each. They will have more of the bass you like for sure, and the sound is very good - just google search for the raving reviews they received.

These and the Diamonds are on a different league than the ones you were looking at...Among yours, I like the Energy, Vandersteen 2c, and M&K... shy away from other ones please...

It's not clear to me whether your $600-1000 budget is just for a pair of speakers or for speakers and amp, or speakers, amp, sub, and surround processor.

If it's just for the speakers, one of the best values on closeout is the Focal Chorus 714 Towers, which list at $1200/pair and are available new w/warranty for $720/pair.

I have auditioned these extensively and they are freaky-good at this price--very focused, very detailed yet full-bodied, with sharp imaging and a room-filling soundstage. They don't take much space either as the are less than a yard tall and have about the same footprint as a piece of notebook paper (8" x 11-5/8").

They don't occupy any more space than small monitors on stands, yet have more of the bass extension and dynamic range that tower speakers give you. They sound good on all kinds of music--rock, jazz, country, big band, chamber music, acoustic pop, orchestral. Add an NAD C316BEE integrated amp for $379 and you have a seriously good little rig for $1100.
You appear to be listing systems typically found in Best Buy. Generally, these are not particularly "audiophile" in either build or sound.

The NAD C316 that Johnyb53 recommends is a nice little rig, but if you do a little snooping you can find some nice closeouts. Music Direct has a Marantz PM6004 Integrated Amp marked down from $600.00 to $450.00. Combine the PM6004 with the Andrew Jones designed Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers, which lists for all of $127.00 a pair at Amazon, and for about $577.00 you get a nice mid-fi setup.

Splitting the difference with Johnyb53's suggestion, the Focal 714's combined with the Marantz PM6004 would give you a solid mid-fi integrated with good quality towers for about $1170.00

If you want to go the used route, Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle and Echo Audio in Portland are good, reputable places to check out.

Hope that helps.
TAD's Andrew Jones designed a bookshelf and floorstander for Pioneer brand and Best Buy. I have not heard them , but they have gotten positive attention from audiophile-types. They are well under your budget.
Why not look on the classifieds right here? In your price range there are a few nice pairs of bookshelf speakers from Quad, Green Mountain and Proac. Pair them with one of the +/- $600 integrateds on here like Rega, Music Hall and Jungson.

With a little negotiation on prices and shipping you might have enough left over for some cables. Just a thought.

It appears the OP's budget for the complete system is $500-$1000, and he said he loved bass.

Even though the recommendations are good entry level equipment, they may or may not be suitable for his needs. In a somewhat large room, trying to play a very loud volume, using "bass heavy music", on speakers with moderate sensitivity, there is a good chance that a 40-50 watt amp will reach clipping distortion resulting in damage, especially if he uses the bass control for more boost. I'm thinking a powered subwoofer and the ability to have high pass to the main speakers may be important.

Isaact, it would be helpful to share the size of your room, some of the music you like, and how loud you typical listen.
Courant, we're on the same page. I also thought about the Andrew Jones Pioneer speakers, and another option is the Andrew Jones floorstanders at $254/pair. Save even more money with the previous version for $179.99 a pair.

You can also pare down the price of the Marantz PM6004 (love the Marantz integrateds as well) by getting a factory refurb from Accessories4less for $349.99.

All good speakers, but I stand by the Focal Chorus 714V on closeout from MusicDirect for $720.
What will you be using as a source?
I have the pioneer Andrew Jones speakers but the Boston A250 beats them out of water, and they should, at their normal price.
Andrew Jon's speakers are bargains, but Boston acoustics out class them for about the same price on accessories4less.com (A250 for $119 each with affordable shipping).

I have the Andrew's design and enjoy them, but wish I had gone with the Bostons now that I've heard both...
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