50 years of Hip Hop- How Come?

Having been a music fan for over 50 years, it’s been fun to see all the different musical genres that have come and gone in popular music.

In the the 50s it was Rock n Roll. Then in the 60s we had Psychedelia, in the 70s Punk, in the 80s New Wave, in the 90s Grunge. It was always interesting to see how music changed into the next new thing.

At the latest Grammy awards, which I did not see, there was a segment called 50 years of hip hop.

I’ve personally never been a big fan of the genre, there are some songs I have liked, but that’s ok. Everyone has their tastes. What I am surprised about is Hip Hops longevity. It just seems like for the last 25 years a lot of music hasn’t really changed much. There has been no " next new thing"as far as I can tell.

How Come? Anyone feel the same way or care to comment. Am I just getting old??



OP back into this thread. Perhaps it’s time to move on. I never intended my post to be a debate on the merit or lack of merit of hip hop or for that matter any genre. Even worse to see criticism with racial undertones.

I was trying to point out that, at least to my perception, there has been little music that seems truly new, fresh, and dramatically different in a long time. It seemed like before about 2000, music of a given era was quite different from a time say 10 years before it. Certainly a lot of that can be associated with a transition of instruments, from acoustic, to electric, to digital. I’m waiting for "the next big thing".

yeah well as I was riding in the passenger seat on a three hour drive coming back into L.A. this evening, the driver had on a "hip hop" station... seemed like all the djs could talk about was "blackness" so it ain't us that's projecting race onto anything here, and indeed I'd say quite the opposite

Plus, there were stretches where I couldn't really tell when one track ended and the next one began... so there's that too.  So much for originality and freshness.  More like lowest common denominator.

....I personally do not recall '' Hip Pop '' being around in the late 60's or early 70's. Nope , there are things that are fuzzy from that time for me but do not remember hearing '' that '' music at that time. So, not sure where anyone got 50 years in the making. Please enlighten me......I really don't care about that music but just curious as how that music got to be 50 years old.      

@clhs04 - she was not. The song 'Rapture' is a tribute to earlier rappers like Grandmaster Flash; many, many rappers doing it for a long, long time before the Blondie song.