50 hours of research = 1 amp for Totem Sttaf

What would you choose? (3k-ish max)

I have come to the, Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II -- with Prima Luna Prologue Premium in second place.

Cary and Manley are double the price (@ 5k-ish) and Jolida/Cayin seem to receive a wide range of reviews. Vista Audio is currently out of product.

Solid States -- Nait, Rega, NAD, Bryston, Dayens, Sim, Creek, Musical Fedelity, Rotel, Plinius, Parasound... they all just seem a second option to tubes... but if I had to choose one here I’d go with the Supernait...but no real strong view here...

Appreciate any input...unfort I cannot listen to them all...(totem sttaf is 88db)

(looking at Mytek Brooklyn to complete setup)

Have you listened to amy of the listed amps that are within your budget? 

If indeed the Rogue is in 1st and the Prima 2nd, that makes the SS listings vying for 3rd. Jolida tube integrated amps, are also within budget.  Start auditions with the tube amps and while at it compare to one of the listed SS ones.  

The Sttaf is a relatively easy speaker to drive, especially compared to the rest of the Totem line. The Rogue Cronus Magnum II with 100wpc would have plenty of power and it's a magnificent sounding amp.

As for the Prologue Premium, I don't know how well it would drive the Sttaf's. You should call Vince at Totem regarding the match-up with the Prima Luna.
I should ad that a friend of mine, once a dealer for Rogue owns the Cronus Magnum. As lowrider says, a great sounding amp. Also, Rogue is a good company to deal with.  
SIMAUDIO, Plinius, AYRE ....all great with Totem so  Pick one with an edge to SIMAUDIO


(1) all three are are frequently paired with Totem at the audio expos ... All are excellent.

AND ....

(2) TOTEM synergy with SIM is a fave because even Totem's own AMBER integrated amp (discontinued) was a TOTEM joint venture with SIMAUDIO based on the latter's platform and  design of amps. 
Interesting, so you would recommend the Simaudio (which model?) over the Cronus Magnum 2!?  Seems it would be hard to get that echo-ey booming and crisp fidelity that the Cronus gives...

Does Simaudio make a DAC you would recommend?

Or anyone -- what's the best DAC for use with iTunes?  Been looking at Mytek Brooklyn and Chord (2Qute or Hugo TT) the most, with Rotel (forget which model I heard) looking nice here too...Oppo HA-1 on eBay right now, looks nice but not sure its a good match...

Bluesound for the streaming -- but is there a DAC that could replace that functionality as well?

really appreciate all the input...
Rogue is very nice however,, I would choose Primaluna over the Rogue.  Check the build quality of the PL and read reviews.  Also call Kevin Deal and chat with him or one of his staff and Upscale will explain the advantages of the PL line.  
samzx -- I guess your talking about the prologue premium, since that's similar price point?  or would you even recommend the classic and/or older prologue two as better sounding?  could you briefly explain why, so I know what I'm talking about when I get on the phone with the people at these companies...

Raven integrated Nighthawk MK2 tube amp.  $2600
mrmittens, I can’t advise on purchase between the PrimaLuna and Rogue. However, my dealer friend wants to sell his Cronus Magnum. It is the original model, ~5 years old, KT88 power tubes. With a different cover it can take the KT120 tubes. The cover can be bought from Rogue for ~$100.  This unit has not experienced heavy duty, in fact used very little. He has retired and has more too much gear. After the Holidays I will encourage him to place it for sale here on AG. He is currently not an AG member. If you are interested, I could advise as to posting date and time.  

The Premium version is just that. Premium parts are used throughout the unit which results in better sound and reliability. Have you researched the PrimaLuna and Rogue extensively or read reviews?  I own a Dialogue Premium and looked at the upgrades over the regular models before I bought mine. I was very impressed at the parts and build quality of the PL. Even the non-premium models are built very well don't get me wrong  in comparison to my previous Rogue its no contest.  If you call I doubt you will have to talk much because they will do most of the talking lol.

And don't let anyone tell you the PL is Chinese junk because its not. Its Dutch designed and PL is extremely picky about their distributors and the parts they use in ALL of the products. Go to Upscale Audio and read about PL. If you're not impressed I would be surprised. Another good point is PL amps run cooler than most other tube amps resulting in the tubes can last up to 10,000 hours instead of 2000-3000 hours.  
hows the manley stingray and cary sli80 compare with the primaluna dialogue premium?
I haven't heard them but do a Google search.  I'm sure you'll find plenty of material on each.  But I would be willing to bet the PL would sound better than the Cary.  
akg is right in that Totems are very often paired with SS amps and Simaudio is it's Canadian brother. But the Sttaf can go either way, SS or tubes, since it's an easier load than other Totems.

As far as Rogue vs. PrimaLuna Prologue Premium, I know many of the Rogue products and I've only heard excellent words about the PL's. My concern is that the Prologue Premium at 35wpc may be underpowered for this speaker.

I auditioned the Sttaf a few years back, and it became more dynamic when supplied with some power.
Nice choices. I would pick the rogue - great sound. Also may want to add Hegel and Ayre to your audition list. Haven't heard the ayre but seems to be highly regarded. I have the Hegel and love it. 
The PL will have no problem driving the Totum and other speakers with less efficiency unless it's very inefficient.  The power supply is huge for a 35w tube amp.  

It's all in what you want when it comes to tubes or solid state.  Some nice SS recommendations given here.  I would purchase from a reputable company in case you are not satisfied and want to sell it.  
Q. Which of the SIMAUDIO integrateds  with Totem you may ask?

A. your budget drives that. Say, a used i5?

I've owned both the ARROS and FORESTS simultaneously in prior systems so I know their strengths and warts well, and the STAFFS are between them in their product line with a strong lean towards the ARROS in comparison.

i would not go hog-wild and buy a premium priced integrate amp with the price/performance output limitations of where the STAFF resides... It won't save you  and certainly won't drive you to the next level in performance.

A) In simpler words, tailor your choice of amp unit to the lower to mid price units at best as a preferred price/performance match to the STAFFs.

As a general rule, more "grunt" in the Amos is best with Totems ... WPC by themselves are meaningless and Totems crave hi-current amps. Rarely will you find them partnered at the audio expos with anything other than hi-current hi-WPC SS gear . That in itself is a noteworthy point to consider ... Ergo the SIM, Plinius, AYRE brand leanings thst they frequently use.

I have test-driven my Totems  with top-of-the line CARY tube amps  and found the listed SS integrated amps all bested it , and the differences were not subtle. 

Yes, SIMAUDIO also has its own DAC ( a fine piece). Google  the specs and reviews...better still go audition it with an all Totem/SIM setup.
wow that's interesting -- I thought class A with lower WPC would be better than a SS with higher WPC?

what's your view on the NAIM versus SIM?

Thought this was a Manley Stingray, Magnum 2 and Prologue Premium race?!  can anyone else chime in here...

akg - what do you think would be a good price on a used i-5?

Lots of opinions here. Have you contacted Totum or get a consensus of what manufacturer mates well?  A good tube amp with beefy power supplies will push them just fine IMO. I would think a cheaper SS amp may give a nice punch but isn't going to sound very well where it counts most. The mids. Again my opinion only :)  
well the sim i-5 and magnum, manley, primaluna all have models around the same price new...i just don't have the chance to try them all with my speakers...
Most of us don't have the chance. Have you asked Totum their recommendations or what's on your list?  
I own the Totem Ones which are less efficient than the Sttaf and have tried a plethora of amps (SS and tube) with them. 

Due to the general consensus that Totems love power, I tried various recommended SS amps including Naim Nait 5, Plinius integrated, Plinius class A power amp, and a Rotel power amp. 

I also had at the time a Cayin TA-30 which is similar to the Prologue 2 and the TAD-60, and much preferred the tube units.  To my ears they bettered the SS amps without really giving up anything.  So I would stick to the Rogue or Primaluna and wouldn't worry too much about lack of power.  The only amp I tried that ran out of steam was the Almarro 318B (18 wpc).

In fact if I were you and had to pick an amp today, my choices would be similar.

I've auditioned NAIM with all of the Staffs, ARROS and Forests
ditto with SIM and many  others including inter Alia, using bi-amped ARCAM FMJ, NAD C370 etc.
i've auditioned Totems at dealers and at expos with all of AYRE, PLINIUS and SIM.

The latter three choices are a close pick one of em as a single unit integrated amp gig with a small personal fave towards the SIM.

My bi-amped (2 X 100 WPC hi-current amps ... The top ARCAM integrated and a second separate power amp ) ARCAM FMJ gear was a lot more money and IMO better performer  but that was with FORESTS whereas the ARROS did  quite nicely with just the ARCAM integrated on par any of the SS choices above.

NAIM with Totem .... Nope .... Heard 'em personally numerous times directly with ARROS, STAFFS and FORESTS with a "meh?" Grade at best.

Hence NAIM is NOT on my list for Totem speakers = not to my taste based on hands-on experience... and --IMO -- any of the above SS  integrateds will best NAIM with an improvement in performance that is not subtle.

Using the top-of-the-line CARY tube preamp and tube power amp combo as the source as hands-on experiences.... = any of the above SS amps will similarly best these tubes. As an aside, the CARY with ARROS was "okay" but not "great" in a head-to-head shootout.

With the FORESTS, the CARY tube gear was lousy at normal listening volumes (compressed, soggy, top-end rolled off, wooly bass) and required a full bore volume dial crank to about 2:30 on the volume dial to get the FORESTS to perform. The problem was that those volumes are already irritating after about 60 seconds and any loud volume is fatiguing for sure in short order in any case..
which models plinius and ayre should i check out?
Plinius 9100 or successor model (9100SE?)
AYRE AX7 or successor model

with the Staffs the cheaper older models are more than you need with Staffs


any if the SIMAUDIO, AYRE, or PLINIUS allow you the better upgrade path to different speakers when you move up from the Staffs
The SIM has a very good matched DAC that facilitates further synergy 
i would start with SIM as a reference point. 

PS. Totems are speaker cable finicky . In brief, they perform best with silver coated braid .... Their own Totem Tress or say, Chord Rumour or Odyssey . The Tress are , effectively Chord knockoffs.

Ok gotcha -- actually looking at audioquest cables; rocket 88 or go 4...any view there?

looking at the Plinius, Ayre and Sim -- almost same price used as a new Cronus magnum...I will try to get them closer to 1k, I think that makes it worthwhile -- otherwise the new tube -- either magnum 2 or Manley stingray may win out...

but thanks very much info, will be on the look out for those solid states if a good deal comes along...
I was asked on the avs forum about possible amps for a pair of Totem Forest Signatures.  If you're familiar with that forum I'm sure you can predict the response!  Several posters jumping in loudly claiming all amps sound the same and anything expensive is simply throwing your money away, blah, blah, blah. 

And here this fella is looking to drop $6000 on a pair of speakers!
In your price range...Merrill Audio’s Taranis Stereo Power Amplifier would be on my short list for a Solid State amp...


To follow up -- I went for the Primaluna classic, coupled with bluesound node 2, cambridge audio azur 651p phono preamp, pro-ject debut dc esprit all connected with some monoprice 22awg cables and RCA...using the 8ohms slot for the speakers...the room I am in is small and the records sound great I think, although I dont have much to compare it to, and still breaking in...any suggestions welcome, but I think the next piece I need is a chord DAC (like 2qute or something) to improve the sounds coming out of the bluesound node 2, bc I think the record player sounds better...thanks for the help here
I listen to my Staff´s with this way: Computer FLAC files then Benchmark DAC1 USB then an Axiom passive attenuator y the amplification stage is with a pair o Rotel RB-1091 monoblocks. I like the sound very much! (I should mention that I installed at the Staff¨s speakers terminals the 9V + Cap tweek and the sound improved in every way). Greetings!