50 foot cable run for sub

I know people have asked this a billion times, but i havent been able to find my answer in the forum archives

I want to run a subwoofer cable, from the stereo, up through the wall, in the vaulted ceiling, then back down in the other wall.

Im estimating i will need about 50feet of cable.

Is this too long for a sub cable? are there any possible ill-effects i should be concerned with?
Does anybody know of a manufacturer that makes 50ft RCA type cables?

Obviously this wont be the most expencive cable in the world, i really dont need it to be for this specific application. would there be any drawbacks in just using a connecter and using 2 25ft cables?

This subwoofer is a Velodyne DLS-4000 sub. Not shabby, but it isnt exactly an audiophile subwoofer either. Just yer standard issue solid $600 mid-level sub. So i really dont want to spend more than maybe 100 bucks on this project.
Slappy, how about Canare Star Quad cable? It measures 57 PF a foot and has excellent RF and EMI rejection.

It sells for ninety five cents a foot at Michael Percy Audio. He offers 10% discount at 51 feet, making a total $43.60.

Snag a pair of RCA connectors and you are in business. If you cant terminate them yourself, I will do it for you.

I agree with the recommendation for the Canare StarQuad cable. For that application you would probably be fine with the smallest version, 4S6, available at Markertek for $.24 a foot.