50 A power amp? What kind of monster is that?

Hi folks, I've read that some power amps could deliver 50 A!! Well, that is the current for welding. You might need the capability of delivering such extremely high currents when you are using very low efficiency loudspeakers (let's say 87dB/W/m). Most of the energy will be sucked up by the crossover. My question is: when the amp is passing through 50 A of current, how can a speaker's crossover survive such a devastating energy boost?

Yes well, the question is 50A for what amount time? For 100us? For 5s? My guess is the former - otherwise your breaker would trip. Also, speaker sensitivity isn't really its efficiency. Efficiency has to take impedance and its phase into account. A low impedance would draw much more current than a higher one. Sensitivity relates to volume - not current.
My speaker is able to take 1000 watts for a millisecond and since the croossover is inline. It just passes the power on through to the drivers with no ill effect on itself.Aball is exactly right and thats as current as we can make it!Take care Dennis
According to factory-published specs., my amp can swing +-100 amps. Duration of delivery, I do not know. Harman-Kardon Signature 2.1 For solid state, it sounds pretty good matched up to my all Gallo surround system.