50/60 hz conversion

Hi everybody,
having recently moved from Europe, I now have the problem that my Systemdek 60 hz turntable does not work in the US. Does anybody know an economic way to deal with the 60 to 50 hz conversion problem?
Thanks a lot!
The only way I can think of is to use a power regenerator like the PP-300 from PS Audio or the SDS from Vpi. Both of them cost about $1000 new or $600 used. Don't know if that meet your definition of economic way.
The simpliest way is to replace the motor pooley and some of the electronic shops can do that or you can even contact manufacturer for such replacement. I guess this path can be much more cheaper than PS Audio or SDS...
Can you get a new motor from the manufacturer ? I put a new motor on my rega P3 for about $150 and solved the 220/110 and 50/60 problem in one go.
Since you mentioned that you just moved FROM Europe, wouldnt you want to keep your table 60Hz. I just recently swaped a 50Hz crystal on a Linn Valhalla ps for a 60Hz and it cost me about $3.00. If your ps has a crystal, perhaps you could do this also. Be specific on your current ps. Is it 50 or 60Hz?
CLEARAUDIO got a device available for that conversion. It can convert both 110/220 and frequency tune between 40-100Hz. But quite expensive as sold in Hong Kong for about HK$6500. I think I met the same problem for moving my SYSTEMDEK from Hong Kong to Canada. Dont know whether it works at 110V 60Hz at the right speed or not!
Yes. Pulley replacement is the best way. I had PS Audio and it doesn't work at all. Wasted $1000 on that. I never try SDS so I can't tell you much about it. If the SDS is stable enough then it is okay.
I may be wrong here, but your european spec motor is designed to run at 50 hz. I think it might be possible to damage the motor by forcing it to run at a cycle for which it wasn't designed. I think the safest option is to get a new motor and keep your old in case you ever move back across the pond.