5 ultimate songs on CDs 2die4.

Twice a year since 5 years, me and my friends are grouping together for a listening experience by which we attempt to listen to what we consider the ultimate songs in sound quality and music. This thread is there for you to give me suggestions. Provide your 5 ultimate songs from 5 different CDs. Thanks and hope people will share their passion!
Just 5? In no particular order, today’s selection is: 1.Wagner’s Prelude to Act 1, Lohengrin (The Met Orchestra/James Levine / Polygram) 2. Rebecca Pidgeon, “Spanish Harlem” (“The Raven” Chesky Records) 3. Lyle Lovett “She’s Already Made Up Her Mind” (“Joshua Judges Ruth” MCA- a “must have” cd: big, big studio beauty from someone you might let slip by) 4. Johnny Frigo et al “Just Friends” (Chesky 10th Anniversary SE – a great variety cd) 5. Cassandra Wilson “Run the VooDoo Down” (“Traveling Miles” Blue Note) Enjoy!
martinpare1: wow, where do you and your grouping together friends live? you sure sound like some wild and crazy guys! i'd give you my picks but i play only lp's. so far >2500 polka albums!
Martin: ignore Sluggo and pass the salt. He apparently thinks his glib and condescending remarks add to the discourse, and that other readers find his remarks amusing. I like the idea behind your thread, and respond after I've taken a bit of time to think about your question. Sluggo: why don't you find some other forum where you can share your puerile comments with other adolescent minds? Maybe you can all slay one another with "kaka" jokes........
Muddy Watters - Folk Singer (Any song) Aaron Copeland - Fanfare for the Common Man (Reference Recordings - Minnesota Orch) Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue (Any Song) Christian McBride - Get to it (Track 10)
The WHOLE cD :John Williams "The Guitarist", "Passion" soundtrack from "The Last temptations of Christ" TRACK:15 "Passion" The whole CD Anton Bruckner Symp. no. 4 on "Nexus", The Luke and the locomotives-Robert Lukas the whole album,Eliot Fisk and Vivaldi concerti Sonata in G Minor!
Thanks to everybody. I’m surprised to have in my collection many suggestions above. Pidgeon, Watters, Barber, McBride, The Last Temptation of Christ, etc. The others should be part of my next shopping list. SDSCAMPBELL : hope you will share yours, too. It would be really appreciated. Thanks again, it will help my next listenning session with my friends. Hope they will enjoy as I will. Mine would be : Pat Metheny Group - Imaginary Day (Roots of coincidence : track #7 ), The Fifth Element (Track #14), Sarha McCachlan - Beyond Mirrors (Angel: track #7), Yello - Excentrix Remix (The Race Remix: Track #1), Prokofief - Ivo Pogorelich, Deutch Gramophon (Gaspard dans la nuit: Track # 7). Thanks.
Martin; I suspect you haven't gotten a lot of response to this question because to answer it is thought provoking, time consuming, and very difficult. If you asked me this next week, I would likely come up with a different list. That said, my favorites today are: 1) Buddy Guy, CD "Damn Right I've Got the Blues", song: "Black Night is Falling". 2) Koko Taylor, "The Earth Shaker", song: "Walking the Backstreets", 3) Melissa Etheridge, "Brave and Crazy", song: "Royal Station 4/16". 4) Cowboy Junkies, "The Caution Horses", song: "Cause Cheap is How I Feel". 5) Enigma, "Cross of Changes" (their 2nd CD) song: All tracks as the music is continuous. Happy Listening. Craig.
Who Let The Dogs Out? Woof Woof,, just kidding. My 5 this week would be 1)BossDrum-The Shamen 2) Five Years-Marion Gold (Bowie original) 3) I love You, Goodbye-Thomas Dolby 4)I Want You- Brave New World 5) Chameleon-Herbie Hancock.