"5 Records You Should Own" article

I wanted to let everyone know that we have posted the latest installment in our "5 Records You Should Own" series. Writers like Roy Gregory, Wes Phillips, Rad Bennett and others pick a topic and choose 5 titles that they feel stand out. Rad just posted a great article on small Classical labels that has received a lot of positive responses. Rock, jazz, classical, there is something for everybody and hopefully the series will keep going!

Link to the whole series:
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looks cool, thanks!
Thanks for posting. On one of the collections I spotted The Steve Miller Band's "Children of the Future". Great album.

Hey thanks for sharing this. Always open to someone else's opinion on music.

Very nice website. I bet the store is terrific.  Wish I lived nearby. 
Gear maybe, but why would anyone care what these guys think about music?
Really Like Steve Miller Band's Sailor, as well.  Also released in 1968.
Great link.  Thanks!
psag, For me, It's another way to check out music I may not have thought of. Thanks for the link.
I liked the first Steve Miller album when it came out (and the follow-up album Sailor even more), but it wasn’t anything like how they sounded when I saw them live the year before, when they were still named the Steve Miller Blues Band. The rhythm guitarist (and writer of the best song on Sailor---Dime a Dance Romance) ended up going solo and putting a real good first album himself (with some guitar playing by Duane Allman), a guy named Boz Scaggs ;-).
As with most lists, I found some things to agree with and lots to disagree with.  I was happy to see "Bless Its Pointed Little Head" get such a favorable mention.  Jack, Jorma and Spencer were a driving machine that could kick up some dust behind the three singer/songwriters.
Thanks! for sharing. I enjoy reading these types of articles, best-of, lists.
Thanks. Always looking for new tunes. I want to explore Steve Miller's early catalogue after reading this.
Very cool thanks for sharing bookmarked your blog!
bdp24, Yes! I'm getting ready to play...
Boz Scaggs "Boz Scaggs And Band" ( produced by the great Glyn Johns!)
Boz Scaggs "S/T"  (featuring Duane Allman!!!) all on original lp!!!
I usually have issues with lists of this type, but I gotta give 'em some credit for "Hidden Gems of Classic Rock".  They went Five for Five on their choices, IMO.